555 brand cigarettes have been manufactured by British American Tobacco since 1895 and are manufactured to this day. From the very beginning of their appearance in the market, these cigarettes have gained immense popularity in Asian countries, especially in China where consumers order these cigarettes online.

State Express 555 cigarettes appeared in the UK and the first years of its existence did not leave the borders of Albion, but in 1925 the brand was sold to a large British American Tobacco tobacco corporation. British American Tobacco Plc was founded in 1902 as a joint venture of the British Imperial Tobacco Company and the American Tobacco Company. The company produces about 300 brands of cigarettes, including cigarettes under the global brands and a number of local brands. The company owns 50 cigarette factories in 41 countries around the world, which annually produce about 730 billion cigarettes to let consumers order cigarettes online shopping. The company’s headquarters is in London, the number of employees is more than 60 thousand people.

To prepare the tobacco mixture, high-quality oriental tobacco and special impurities are used, giving the cigarettes a soft aftertaste and long-lasting aroma. This is a strong cigarette with a rich taste, which on the exhale form a thick, white smoke, which is typical of British cigarettes. State Express 555 will definitely appeal to experienced smokers who prefer high-quality imported cigarettes with a reliable filter.
Currently, State Express 555 cigarettes online are distributed mainly in Asia, especially in China, where they enjoy national recognition and well-deserved trust among the inhabitants of the region.
The reason for the success of the State Express 555 cigarette is a unique blend of several varieties of tobacco and the constant improvement of its taste characteristics. The pleasant aroma of classic varieties of natural tobacco will bring you a good mood, pulling you into light clouds of white smoke.