3Gauloises cigarettes were introduced in 1910. It was then when the management of Altadis large French corporation decided to release its own tobacco cigarettes on the European market. In 1984, there was a re-branding of the brand name, and after what it was renamed as Gauloises Blondes. But the brand did not lose anything due to this change.

At the beginning Gauloises cigarettes had sufficient short length in the absence of a special filter. They had a very strong flavor due to the use of high-quality black tobacco from Turkey and Syria.

Some time later, on the basis of conjectures arising in market the cigarettes under the Gauloises brand were launched with a filter. In addition, innovations were made and in tobacco smoking mixture, to which there was added tobacco grown in North America.

All this has helped not only to give the softness to the taste of tobacco smoke, but also reduce the cost of production of the very cigarettes, which led to the great profit taking and promotion of the brand among smokers.

During the Second World War, tobacco products under the brand Gauloises were particularly popular among patriotic layers of the French population.

In addition, these cigarettes had among their fans a lot of world – famous cultural figures, politics and art. So, for example, the founder of cubism – Pablo Picasso also gave his preference to this brand of cigarettes.

Today the all the cycle of Gauloises cigarettes production is located in Spain.

In the current economic realities this brand is experiencing not the best of times, as due to the introduction of rather tough anti-smoking policy in the western European countries, there is significant reduction in cigarette sales, which negatively affected the company’s financial indices.

For fans of tobacco Gauloises cigarettes are sold in three variants and namely namely: red, blue and yellow.

Due to their superior quality and original unique taste, they have already gained a certain number of fans among lovers of exclusive domestic cigarettes.

But because of their relatively high cost the products of Gauloises still remain inaccessible to the mass consumer.

The brand status during more than one decade is at the top of Olympus popularity and fame.

These cigarettes are a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Gauloises cigarettes are the cigarettes that should be smoked every day and adored. This is how smoking is appreciated.