The Eonsmoke electronic cigarette uses a disposable battery to heat up a cartridge filled with a liquid that contains a mixture of nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol. It also contains a flavor of your choosing including tobacco, menthol, president, wrangler etc. The vapor disappears within seconds and leaves little trace, which enables you to enjoy smoking your electric cigarette anywhere even in some places where regular smoking is prohibited.

Eonsmoke disposables come in our awesome six tobacco flavors tobacco, menthol, wrangler, president, sands, and frost. Currently all disposables are being introduced only in 30MG while more nicotine strengths will be introduced at a later date. Our new e cigarettes come in a soft tipped filter, light weight, and easily portable within our flip top plastic carrying case. Enjoy your Eonsmoke today and choose whatever flavor you know and love!

Best electronic cigarette brand? we got the answers

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So which are the best e cigarettes on the market? First of there are a number of different types of e cigs. If you are brand new to the vaping world, you would probably want to start with a standard sized rechargeable battery and cartridge (cartomizer) set up.

For Advanced Vaporizers

1. VaporZone great products and amazing line of e juice.

2. Volcano Cigs Nice line of APVs.

3. Halo Cigs Triton Simple and effective.

4. Apollo Cigs eGo cigs nice value.

Standard Sized Rechargeable

1. V2 Cigs best flavor and products.

2. Bull Smoke best value.

3. South Beach Smoke super product.

4. Green Smoke great product and thickest vapor