There are well over 500 cigarette factories spread around the globe, each responsible for thousands of premature deaths and massive, avoidable costs to society. These factories collectively produce nearly 6 trillion cigarettes every year, roughly 13% more than a decade ago. In 2010, cigarettes were produced in the majority of countries worldwide, and about a million cigarettes were manufactured every five seconds. That year, 41% of the world s cigarettes were produced in China, followed by Russia (7%), the US (6%), Germany (4%), and Indonesia (3%).

Where are these cigarettes manufactured, wrapped, and boxed for shipment? Cigarette factories are located in every corner of the world, concentrated in Europe and China, and new ones are still being factories are often hidden from sight behind high walls, given vague titles like manufacturing facility or production center, and serviced by unmarked trucks. That is not true in China, however, where smoking is much more socially acceptable than in other countries factories are highly visible and prominently featured in their communities.

With advances in satellite imaging technology, projects such as Stanford University s Cigarette Citadels now make it possible to locate hundreds of these factories online. For instance, Internet users can view one of the world s largest cigarette factories in Bergen op Zoom, near the Hague, Netherlands. This facility, built by Philip Morris in the 1980s, currently manufactures about 96 billion cigarettes annually, with most exported to other European countries and Japan. About 90,000 people could die prematurely every year as a result of consuming cigarettes manufactured in this single facility.

Electronic cigarettes international group signs memorandum of understanding with european tobacco leader tdr

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (BUSINESS WIRE) Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. (OTCBB ECIG), today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with TDR, the leading independent tobacco company in South East Europe, including a 60% market share in Croatia. The memorandum of understanding defines the terms for exclusive distribution of ECIG s brands across TDR s territories, with a definitive agreement and product launch expected in the first quarter of 2015.

TDR, part of Adris group, a holding company with annual revenue of $1 billion, is one of the largest tobacco companies in South East Europe. TDR markets its leading brands of Ronhill , Walter Wolf and York across Eastern, Central and Western Europe and the Middle East. TDR is a vertically integrated organization consisting of five companies including Hrvatski Duhani, the leading buyer, packer and dealer of Virginia and Burley tobacco in Croatia iNovine, a network of over 590 retail stores in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Istragrafika, the leading producer and exporter of commercial packaging in Croatia and Adista, TDR s tobacco distribution companies in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. TDR also operates branch offices in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. Each company has a distinct role in the TDR s value chain, from tobacco growing and processing to production, distribution and retail support for tobacco products.

Mato Zadro, Chief Executive Officer of TDR, said, We are very excited about our partnership with ECIG. We have the strongest tobacco business in the region, and partnering with the leader in the e cig category will enable us to accelerate growth and provide our customers the leading products in this new market segment. We are convinced that electronic cigarettes will be a very significant business, and believe that both companies will benefit greatly by leveraging our combined product and distribution strengths.

Brent Willis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ECIG stated, TDR is a great strategic partner with an outstanding leadership team. We are extremely impressed by their tremendous success and experience in the tobacco industry throughout South East Europe and other markets. We are very excited about building the electronic cigarette business with them in a very attractive and high growth region.

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