camel cigarettesEverything began in 1913. It was a period of numerous tobacco experimentations. What’s more, in addition to other things, some stylish smoking approaches became fashionable then. For instance, the cut tobacco was wrapped into slight white paper with special machines. Such wraps were called cigarettes and bundled in advantageous paper or cardboard packs.

These wraps became extremely popular among consumers.

Therefore, the founder and owner of the RJR tobacco company Richard Reynolds had decided to follow the trend. For the start, he purchased the Red Camel cigarettes and shortened the brand name to simply “Camel”. It is affirmed that the visual brand picture decision was influenced by a great interest to the Middle East, which existed in America of those years. It is unknown whether Richard was captivated with old Arab stories, but he launched a really magic advertising campaign.

In those years of the promotion starts, such approach was a genuine disclosure. Having decided that a camel is snappy splendid picture as well as a fantastic open door for advertising developments, the RJR specialists placed mysterious advertisements within several days before the first batch of cigarettes was launched into sales.

“Camels”, stated the first of them. While the Americans attempted to comprehend what it was meaning, a new advertisement appeared. “Camels are coming”!

People even did not manage to understand whether they urgently escape before start of the humpbacks’ attack or they must oppose it with guns and “Colts” as the third advertisement was published – “Tomorrow there will be more camels in the city than you can find them in Asia and Africa! Those who did not get into a psychiatric hospital on that day, got to know the truth in the next morning: “Camel Cigarettes are here!”, the last advertisement proclaimed.

Even non-smokers had started using tobacco after those marketing experiments.

In 1999, RJR had sold the Camel cigarettes to the Japanese Japan Tobacco company. Japanese advertisers decide to re-brand these cigarettes seriously.

Thus, it started.

The package design was shifted to making a pack to a brown- or golden-colored box with a silver-colored spot, which reminded a camel form.

That re-branding was successful and enormously hit the market.

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