Let’s take a look at Rothmans cigarettes and discuss their benefits, as well as find out how the famous tobacco house, which made cigarettes for royal families, began to produce the most affordable tobacco for the general population around the world. Following the tradition of most tobacco houses, Rothmans cigarettes appeared in London in the late 19th century. The history of the brand began with a tiny kiosk on one of the streets of the British capital. Rothmans cigarettes were bought by local journalists, as the store was located in a neighborhood among the publishers of newspapers and magazines.

Handicrafts and a responsible approach to production led to the fact that Rothmans cigarettes became the property of the local aristocracy. New shops, rapid development and even entry into international trade appeared, and Louis Rothman began to supply tobacco to the royal court not only in England but also in Spain.

Rothmans cigarettes have become especially popular due to their active support of sports teams, as well as through the publication of its own sports media. Rothmans cigarettes are aimed at a wide range of smokers, so this brand has a fairly wide range in which everyone can find something for themselves. They have long since departed from their classic form and represent completely different shapes, flavors and aromas. Let’s understand in more detail.

For lovers of lightness and freshness: Superslims Blue Rothmans cigarettes – classic cigarettes with a thinner diameter. They are suitable for the fairer sex who thinks about nasolabial folds. The average content of tar and carbon monoxide in one cigarette is 6 mg, and the concentration of nicotine will not exceed 0.5 mg. The manufacturer positions these tobacco products as aristocratic and contains only high-quality tobacco.

Superslims Silver Rothmans cigarettes –are light and elegant cigarettes in white packaging. The brand is designed for those who do not like to feel the aggressive relaxing effect of tobacco on them. The average content of tar in one cigarette does not exceed 4 mg, and nicotine – 0.3 mg.

Demi Blue Rothmans cigarettes are short cigarettes that the manufacturer has decided to increase in diameter. This is done in order to provide each tobacco product with an updated filter.