Do you remember what Fred Flintstones and his friend Barney Rubble smoked in the commercials into ‘The Flintstones’ cartoon? Yes, those were Winston Cigarettes.

This brand is produced by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company. This is the same manufacturer that made the well known Camel cigarettes. This brand was called after its productions region which is Winston Salem North Carolina in the United States of America.

These days it is one of the top selling cigarette brands in United States. The advertising of Winston was very triumphant thanks to which it continued to occupy the first position from 1966 to 1972. Due to its outstanding quality and great taste Winston is the most favorite cigarette brand of many smokers.

The famous advertising slogan for this brand is “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”. It is a long lasting slogan that showed up in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV advertisements for Winston cigarettes from the brand’s launch in 1954 until 1972. It is one of the well known American tobacco advertising promotions. Within the campaign’s long run in the mass media, lots of criticized the slogan as grammatically wrong and that it must state as, “Winston tastes good as a cigarette should.”

On the radio and TV advertisements, the slogan was displayed in a singsong style with a notable two beat clap near the end, so the ring would sound just like Win ston tastes good like a (clap clap) cigarette should. The “clap” noise was quite often replaced for actors in the advertisements knocking twice against a vehicle transporting Winston cigarettes, or an actor flicking his lighter two times to the similar conceit.

In the 1980s, Winston cigarettes were the most well liked brand in Puerto Rico, most likely due to their advertising “Winston y Puerto Rico No hay nada mejor” (“Winston and Puerto Rico There is nothing better”), as well as their ethnical connection with the salsa movements.

Just like its brother the Camel cigarette, Winston was able to get increasing successes in years after their launch at the cigarette market.

Their reputation was supported by their relationship with the NASCAR.

Winston cigarettes have also sponsored the ‘The Winston All Star’ competition and various other races. It has also financed drivers including Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon. Many of the NASCAR admirers would then remarkably be big fans of Winston cigarettes.

Winston cigarettes have stayed among the top 10 best selling cigarette brands since it was officially launched in the cigarette market. Its famous preference among smokers is also a result of the unique style, diverse flavors and a great range of varieties. Winston cigarettes have had enormous success both in the United States and in many other countries.

At present there are a lot of styles of Winston cigarettes available for the smokers such as

  • Winston Blue
  • Winston Classic
  • Winston White
  • Winston Filters
  • Winston Silver
  • Winston XS Nano Blue
  • Winston XS Nano Silver
  • Winston Super Slims Blue
  • Winston Super Slims Silver

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