Iqos heets Silver sticks are spreading to people around the world every day. They are small, stylish, and easy to carry. The variety of flavors available allows anyone to choose the right cigarette for them. The color coding and names on the packs help identify the cigarettes associated with a particular flavor from the vast array of tobacco products. Since everyone perceives flavors differently, the flavor of a cigarette can only be determined by tasting it.

Just as regular cigarettes come in a variety of flavors, e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavored sticks. To make it easier to choose a stick, the company has introduced a complete labeling system for its sticks. The labels are categorized by flavor, characteristics, and tobacco content.

Each year, the heets line of tobacco sticks expands and new flavors are introduced. Some flavors, like iqos heets Silver sticks, are not as popular as others.

Sticks in the iqos heets Silver line are pure flavors with no citrus, mint, or berry flavors or additives. Newer flavors have taken over the bronze, amber, and yellow. This flavor is very light, slightly herbal, and tastes of fresh tobacco. This flavor is suitable for those who do not like strong aromas or flavors.

Simple gray packaging with silver details. The brand of the stick is written in large silver letters on the front. On the front of the pack is the manufacturer’s information and the name of the tobacco flavor. Additionally, the quantity (20 sticks) is indicated inside the pack.

On the back of the package, there is a complete description of the tobacco. Ingredients to manufacturer contact information: company’s official website, contact email, and office location.

The sticks are small in size. It is less than the height of a match, but this does not prevent it from providing the unforgettable taste of real tobacco.

The stick has a slight tobacco flavor. Tobacco is a mixture of 70% tobacco and 30% glycerin. Food grade glycerin is used to seal and retain moisture in tobacco leaves. When heated, it releases water vapor, the excess of which is collected in a biopolymer. The glycerin used in heets is a common compound used as a food additive, creams or vaping liquids.

To purchase iqos heets Silver sticks, you should visit an online store. In no offline shop would you find similar proposals. Nor can you find something better in the range of competitors.