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Winston cigarettes, buy winston cigarette duty free

Camel (cigarette) wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One of the most widely recognized cigarette brands Winston saw the world for the first time in 1954, becoming the nationwide first brand to offer filtered cigarettes to adult American smokers. The brand was named after North Carolina’s Winston Salem, since these cigarettes have been manufactured in this city.

The cigarettes secured an outstanding success on the global tobacco market. Just two years after its introduction Winston was named the best cigarette brand in U.S. (1956) and the best0selling tobacco product (1965), a position, which Winston cigarettes were holding for over 6 years, before passing this title to another legendary brand, Marlboro.

According to the 2005 national tobacco survey, Winston was the sixth top selling cigarette brand across America and can be found in the top 10 most popular cigarettes in the world, so Winston cigs are still dramatically popular.

The major factor that contributed to the enormous popularity of this brand is the secret sort of tobacco imported from Latin America and added to the tobacco blend of Winston cigarettes, offering a unique, mild and simply unforgettable taste. In addition, the inimitable quality, which was always the essential part of all products made by RJ Reynolds, leaves no room for doubts whether this brand is worth to be tried.

Winston cig brand is characterized by a slower time of burning that turns the smoking process into a one of a kind experience. No matter what style of Winston brand cigarette lovers prefer, they always get an exceptionally high quality smoking product with an amazingly smooth and bracing taste, mesmerizing aroma, and what is very important, a discount price.

Another reason why Winston brand is beloved by such a huge group of smokers throughout the world is the broad variety of styles it gives. Currently, offers seven variations of this brand, so every adult smoker could choose the one that suits his smoking preferences in the best way.

You can order either traditional king size Winston Classic, Winston Blue or Winston Silver, or you can prefer the mild and low nicotine Winston One, or even benefit from delicate, charming taste of longer Winston cigs Winston Super Slims Silver and Winston Super Slims Blue, but you will always get an extremely qualitative product in exchange.