L&M cigarette brand was introduced in 1953 by prominent American tobacco company, Liggett & Myers. It was a innovative product which rapidly caught the attention of adult smokers, since it was equipped with revolutionary filters. Though, there have been several filtered cigarette brands in the market, L&M offered revolutionary white filters. The brand was so popular in the United States that its manufacturer decided to launch it on the international market.

In 1999 Liggett & Myers L&M brand to Philip Morris, and the new era in the development of these elite quality cigarettes began. Currently L&M cigarette brand is the fourth most popular tobacco product in the world, behind iconic Marlboro, Winston and Mild Seven brands. It is as well the second largest brand for the Philip Morris with sales reaching 100 billion units across the world in 2009, and this is not surprising as adult smokers enjoy the inimitable tobacco blend of L&M cigarettes comprised from the finest light sorts of tobacco.

In addition, since L&M is a product of Philip Morris International, the leading cigarette maker in the world, it is distinguished by superb quality, bracing flavor and elegant pack design, and of course, application of the newest filter technologies, being equipped with highly efficient triple acetate filters.

And what was true about L&M cigarette brand when it was introduced, remains true today L&M is one of the most innovative products on the market, which keeps launching new products to live up to evolving consumer requirements. Thus, every adult smoker will be able to find his perfect style of L&M.

For those tobacco lovers who are loyal to classic products, offers

  • L&M Red Label
  • L&M Blue Label
  • Silver Labe

,ranging in strength and nicotine amounts. For lady smokers, we have elegant and exquisite

  • L&M Mixx Slims
  • L&M Vibe Slims

If you are open to trying new modern products, you can opt for innovative compact sized L&M BLU 83and L&M GRI 83.

We offer the best quality tax free L&M cigarettes at reduced prices directly from the official manufacturer.

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Kiss cigarette brand is truly one of the most amazing tobacco products in our discount cigarette store. These elegant cigarettes provide such a refined taste and great quality that any adult cigarette lover could hardly remain indifferent after trying them. Kiss cigarettes are created especially for female smokers who tend to prefer mild and sweet smoke.

Kiss brand is manufactured by Innovation Tobacco Company, a recognized cigarette maker based in London, the U.K. This company was established several years ago, but has already a major player in European tobacco market with its extraordinary products. Kiss Superslims is the best product made by Innovation Tobacco, and you will agree with this by opening the pack of these cigarettes.

You will be enticed by the charming and gentle fruit aroma of Kiss cigarettes. These smokes belong to American Blend type produced from the finest tobaccos, but are made using a unique technology of tobacco flavoring which gives the cigarettes a fascinating fruit flavor, like the one you can feel while smoking a fruit flavored hookah.

Kiss brand has become highly popular in Eastern Europe and Asia, and today many customers from the United States prefer this brand as well, despite it is not presented in the stores, because they admit that smoking Kiss cigarettes is a totally new experience for them.

In 2010, Kiss was the best selling brand in our store in Super Slim and Menthol categories, and that is yet another evidence that this brand provides premium quality, ravishing flavor and absolutely irresistible aroma.

is delighted to offer adult smokers an opportunity to try these feather light smokes in one of five styles, varying by flavor.

You can opt for

  • refreshing flavor of Kiss Super Slims Menthol
  • delicate flavor of Kiss Super Slims Dream
  • invigorating flavor of Kiss Super Slims Energy
  • delicious flavor of Kiss Super Slims Fresh Apple
  • luscious flavor of Kiss Super Slims Strawberry

So, if you are willing to have something unusual, this superb tobacco product can be your perfect match helping you discover the pleasure of smoking.