kent-blue-futura-8Initially, the interest to the Kent cigarettes appeared as soon as the producer presented them to the tobacco market in 1952. That manufacturer was the well-known company P. Lorillard. Its goal was, to great extent, to produce the purified cigarette brand, in which the content of in tar and nicotine was reduced to a minimum quantity.

Nowadays, the Kent cigarettes are manufactured by the British American Tobacco Company. This is a top manufacturing company, occupying the second place in the list of the top tobacco giants. The market of these cigarettes covers over 50 countries. The very name of this trademark is ‘Kent cigarettes’ and derives from the family name of Mr. Herbert Kent who was for some time a top employee of the Lorillard Tobacco Company. Kent cigarettes are equipped with particular charcoal filter tips, containing the activated coal. These cigarettes are very special and their flavor sufficiently differs from the cigarettes of other trademarks with their smell and aroma. This brand has many varieties, for instance, Kent Lights cigarettes, Kent Super Lights cigarettes, Kent Premium Lights cigarettes.

One new market report confirms that Kent cigarettes occupy the sixth place among the top preferred cigarette brands. The content of Kent cigarettes does not contain any additives. Despite this is the truth, nobody can affirm that smoking these cigarettes is absolutely secure, securer than any consumption of other brands. Yes, there are certain risks but it does not any effect on the popularity of these cigarettes in the United States and the most European countries. This report’s data includes the questioning results. 84% of questioned smokers say that the Kent cigarettes are their beloved cigarettes, 10% smokers describe them as their second preference.

The range of Kent products includes various cigarette trends and versions, which are directed towards different categories of smokers, having their own smoking passions. The most preferred versions include the Kent lights, Kent full flavored, Kent Select lights, Kent Selects, Slims and Super Slims and further ranges.

One of the most popular varieties is the latest Kent convertible range, which appeared in February 2011. This category’ of Kent cigarettes consists of two parts, one filled with charcoal and another with cellulose put into a very small capsule. This capsule is filled with liquid, modifying the cigarette aroma. This is a new trend, combining two scents in one cigarette.

Be attentive! The production of Kent cigarettes is underway, do not miss an opportunity to be amazed with a new brand appeared!