JTI has announced a new price point for Winston, offering even better value for the world s second favourite cigarette brand. From February, Winston will be available nationally in a 5.79 price marked pack (19 cigarettes) in both blue and red variants, helping retailers capitalise on the growing demand for value products. The new proposition also comes with a refreshed pack design for Winston Red.

Value remains the fastest growing sector within the UK tobacco market as existing adult smokers increasingly seek out quality tobacco products at the best price. The new price point gives retailers an opportunity to grow their tobacco sales with a well known brand of American blend cigarettes, at a competitive price point of under 6 per pack.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI s head of communications, says Value is increasing in importance for existing adult smokers. More than one in three cigarettes sold in the UK today is a value brand, so retailers need to ensure their tobacco range reflects this growing trend. By launching Winston at this new price point, we re giving retailers another opportunity to unlock valuable sales by tapping into increasing demand for products within the value sector with a well established, quality brand.

The launch also brings a packaging redesign for Winston Red. The pack will now be predominantly red instead of white, bringing the brand more closely in line with the global brand identity.

Winston 19s will be available in 5.79 price marked packs nationally from February 2013. Standard packs will also be available.

Source JTI

Winston select regular cigarettes – reviews for winston cigarettes online

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Length 3 1/4 inches (83 mm) filter 13/16 inches.

We were able to tamp this cigarette almost 1/8 inch, which seems to be about par for most brands we’ve tried. (Frankly, we expected a Winston to be packed a little tighter.) RJ Reynolds is the manufacturer of Winstons, including this “select” style. The tobacco is a blend of very light to medium in color. We have always found Winstons to taste slightly stronger than, say, the same style of Marlboro, and this one was no exception. We believe that the levels of “smoothing” additives must be a tad lower than in the Marlboro. We call the burn rate moderate. This is a good smoke. If Winston is your brand of choice, we don’t think you’ll find any great difference in the Select. If you do, we’d like to hear from you.