lucky_strike_blue_en_nbLucky Strike is the oldest American cigarette brand. Its history began in 1871.

The Lucky Strike brand was initially registered in Virginia by R. A. Patterson, but initially it was compressed tobacco, not cigarettes.

In 1905, the Lucky Strike brand was acquired by American Tobacco Company, which was attracted by this sonorous name.

In 1916, the manufacturing of cigarettes under this brand was successfully started, for which the innovative technologies were utilized. While other cigarette manufacturers dried tobacco leaves in the sun, the producers of Lucky Strike fried leaves by using the caramelization process and tobacco became fragrant, getting a taste of chocolate and coffee. This method is called toasting as well.

The cigarette logo was created by the famous designer Raymond Levy, who created the logos of “Coca-Cola” and “Shell”. In order to attract a female audience with this cigarette brand, the Lucky Strike pack design became green and after some advertising campaigns attracted female Hollywood stars.

The efforts of manufacturers were successful, and soon the Lucky Strikes took 40% of the US market. Advertising campaigns were thoroughly prepared and wisely conducted. For example, the manufacturers of Lucky Strike firstly started talking about the correlations of tobacco smoking and losing weight, explaining that the smoking is an opportunity to lose weight.

In 1931, the Lucky Strike cigarettes became one of the best-selling US products. In 1942, they changed the pack color to white with a red circle in the middle.

These cigarettes are distributed in 90 countries around the world.

After getting to know facts, it is time to make conclusions now. There must be factors of such a great success. As the major factor, we can and have to remark the original taste of Lucky Strike cigarettes, which is resulted by frying tobacco leaves instead of drying them in the sun.

Such production method creates a special unique taste, which attracts a great number of Americans and Europeans. If you appreciate the classic tobacco and have not tried these Lucky Strike cigarettes yet, do not miss a chance to start right now.

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