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Proper nouns are non connotative so goes a saying that argues that there are no links or strong connections between the proper nouns and the meanings it might imply in general which is proved as grossly erroneous in today s world. Why? It s very simple once you look at the incidents around you. Companies are spending millions of dollars only to remain top of mind of the customers and prospects in general by projecting the name of a product or service larger than life so much so that it creates a conception as whole in them. Marlboro cigarette is one of them.

What s so special about Marlboro cigarettes and how can smokeless Marlboro cigarettes be for the good?

Marlboro is the highest selling cigarette brand in the world that owes its origin to US and its founder Philip Morris and came into being in 1924 as a women s cigarette first. In contrast of the general awareness as regards the detrimental effects of cigarette smoking the company or specifically the brand sponsors many a sports event such as Formula One.

Smokeless Marlboro cigarettes is essentially talks about the electronic device from the table of that vaporizes the nicotine and flavor mixed fluid that leaves the smoker with the feel of real smoking whereas the electronic device is battery powered.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Marlboro Cigarettes

The USP of Marlboro as claimed by the manufacture is manifold such as the following which may or may not sound healthy or a matter of debate to all and sundry for sure.

  • Anywhere anytime smoking Since it s a smokeless cigarette you can smoke around among your family and friends without creating eyesore for them.

  • Indoor Smoking This device sets you free even to smoke indoors which comes to you advantageous as a smoker.

  • No pungent smell Since such a cigarette is smokeless and uses nicotine in liquefied form it essentially doesn t leave any stain mark on your clothes and hands alongside bad breath. You can have fresh breath all the day long while you need not have to compromise with your smoking habit.

  • Nicotine minus the odor As an e cigarette smoker you stand to gain here by way of no odor in the surroundings while enjoying the taste of nicotine to the fullest.

  • More value for money This cigarette ushers you to get more value for your money by way of reduced expenses for cigarettes as well as reduced health hazards.

To me the best part of smoking an e cigarette is that you enjoy your smoking at the comfort of your home that too without compromising the proximity of your loved ones.

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