Iqos heets Purple Label sticks are exclusive cigarettes. This is an amazing blend that starts with cool mint and ends with wild berry flavors. Every time you smoke an iqos with an iqos heets Purple Label stick, intensity and pleasure are combined. Each heets stick is the perfect combination of high-quality tobacco and innovative technology.

Each iqos heets Purple Label stick is specially designed to satisfy your taste and aroma cravings. Carefully selected premium tobaccos are gently processed to preserve their aroma and natural flavor. The result is a blend of unparalleled quality and harmonious flavor that satisfies even the most complex and demanding tastes.

One of the main advantages of iqos heets Purple Label sticks is their compatibility with the innovative iqos technology, which uses a revolutionary heating system that allows you to enjoy all the pleasures of smoking without ash, smoke or odor. Your personalized electronic system heats the heets mouthpiece to the optimum temperature, allowing you to experience the true taste of tobacco without being exposed to the toxins produced by the combustion of traditional cigarettes.

Heatsticks are available in a wide range of flavors, from classic and rich to fresh and fruity. Choose heets and discover a unique world with every smoke. Choose the flavor that best suits your taste and mood, and experience the pleasure with every puff.

Each iqos heets Purple Label stick delivers smooth, intense, perfect flavor. See for yourself how the harmony of taste, flavor, and technology exceeds your expectations. Immerse yourself in a new world of sensations with iqos heets Purple Label sticks and discover the unique path to elegance and satisfaction that iqos has to offer.

Tobacco is a mixture of 70% tobacco and 30% glycerin. Food grade glycerin is used to seal and retain moisture in tobacco leaves. When heated, it releases water vapor, the excess of which is collected in a biopolymer. The glycerin used in heets is a common compound used as a food additive, creams or vaping liquids.

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