L&M cigarettesThe primary slogan of the L&M cigarettes was “American cigarettes of the best quality with the best filters”. In those days, in the 1950s, the Liggett Group was a small company in contrast to its current actual size. So which were the advantages that made these cigarettes so famous at that time?

First, it was the taste of these cigarettes. The Americans got used to solid cigarette tastes. The L&M cigarettes were different from their market competitors. It attracted numerous smokers to change their preferences to this brand. The reasons were evident: the taste was sufficiently delicate to appreciate a drink during a daily smoking, yet sufficiently solid to give a particular impression of smoking.

Another point was the price. L&M’s never were especially cheap. But they never were too expensive when contrasted with other cigarettes brands, which are available in the market. Currently, smokers still can purchase the L&Ms at quite moderate and reasonable prices.

The third point was the brand itself. The Liggett Group became famous worldwide while developing its image of an advanced cigarette producer. The company used a special showcasing methodology to reach this goal. The company logo on a cigarette pack had then evidently become an additional factor of success.

The company is now one of tobacco industry giants. L&M cigarettes are outstanding for their superior value and high caliber. Moderate prices and mild taste of L&M cigarettes are leading factors why tobacco consumers prefer this cigarette brand. Fine tobacco gives an extremely unique taste, completely different from any other cigarettes.