dunhill_blackDunhill International cigarettes are a leading brand of cigarettes produced by the British American Tobacco company. They are sold abroad mostly to Europe, South Asia, New Zealand and Australia, but can also be purchased online. It is not difficult to find these cigarettes via reliable internet resources.

When someone is willing to talk about the very appearance of design in the tobacco sphere, one must point out the special niche Dunhill cigarettes occupy there. Ever since the creation of this brand, Dunhill was unique in its nature. In reality, the majority of the design options promoted were not only a choice of an absolutely different pack design, but they were obviously advanced and original. When many brands of cigarettes were in trend and especially demanded, they launched their product in stylish, elegant packs, Dunhill cigarettes were offered in not eye-catching packs. Then Dunhill cigarettes used a more fashionable outlook.

The range of Dubhill cigarettes varies greatly. It opens with the Far-Eastern Dunhill Nanocut, the white variety of Dunhill Lights, and finally comprises the English classic Dunhill De Luxe. These versions have never been more appealing and irreplaceable. Despite this fact, it is necessary to study a comprehensive list with the important aspects in order to remind you as a smoker that you’ have to do with your preferred pack of Dunhill Cigarettes:

They use the same print for the name of the brand. However, there are few exceptions but they are not fundamental.
The color variations remain unchanged: crimson red, dark black, pearl white and light blue colors dominate in whole image. The only variety of Dunhill cigarettes that is not fully combined in this scheme is Menthol, which must be colored in a green shade in order to demonstrate the general idea of the brand.
Dunhill cigarettes market squared-shaped packages as a direct symbol of identity, of the core of this brand. These packages are practically the same.
The Dunhill cigarettes’ logo or the Dunhill symbolic object is printed before the name.
There’s no actual catchphrase related to Dunhill cigarettes (even though there are cases when a clear catchphrase is demonstrated). This fact points out that the distinction of this brand lies in design, and not in a specially created message.
No matter when you want to purchase Dunhill cigarettes, the cigarettes will look just identical as before. The global and insistent demand strengthens the constancy of the brand all over the world.

Dunhill International cigarettes come in a red packet and are one of the most expensive and luxurious brands available. It is a little known fact that Dunhill International cigarettes American distribution is owned and operated by R.J. Reynolds, who is most notably famous for its Camel brand.