April 9th, 2014 7 15 Why should Eurosceptics vote Conservative next month?

With luck, this will be the last time Nigel and I clash in an election

I believe that Britain will be better off outside the European Union. I want fewer laws, lower taxes, direct democracy, controlled immigration and local devolution. And I’m proud to be standing as a Conservative in the European election on 22 May.

Why, people ask me online and at public meetings, don’t I join Ukip, believing what I believe? It’s a fair question. I admire the integrity and patriotism of my many Ukip friends. You won’t find better men in public life than Stuart Wheeler or Malcolm Pearson. I’m very fond of Nigel Farage, whom I have found unfailingly sincere and gentlemanly.

Why, then, am I standing against Nigel next month? The short answer is that I want a referendum on leaving the EU&#8230 . Read More

Tags David Cameron, EU referendum, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Matt Ridley, Nigel Farage, optimism, Stuart Wheeler, UK Independence Party

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