Richmond cigarettes are one of the most popular and highest quality tobacco product brands in the world. They have a different taste and aroma that will appeal to any connoisseur. But what other interesting things are there to learn about these cigarettes.

The Richmond brand was founded in 1968 as part of the large Imperial Tobacco Corporation in Canada. A special feature of these cigarettes was a new filter that promised to reduce the amount of tar in the smoke. In 1970, however, it was proven that the filtration effect had been overestimated and production in Richmond was interrupted. In 1999, the brand was revived in the UK and gained popularity with young people. Since then, Richmond has produced a variety of cigarettes, including chocolate flavored cigarettes.

Here are some amazing facts you may not have known: Richmond cigarettes are made from 5 different types of cigarettes from 22 continents. To create a unique tobacco blend that offers a rich flavor and aroma, the manufacturers use tobacco grown in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Richmond Tobacco was the first to use a new type of filter. In 1968, when Richmond became an independent brand, it introduced a new filter that significantly reduced the amount of solid resin in the smoke. This was a revolutionary discovery in the tobacco industry, but it later turned out that the filtration was not as effective as expected. There are different types of Richmond cigarettes with various tastes and design.

What are Richmond cigarettes?

The most popular types of Richmond cigarettes include rich-flavored with a variety of natural flavors added to the tobacco blend, cherry with sweet cherry flavor and aroma, coffee with coffee flavor and brown paper, and platinum filter with innovative filtration system and metal coating. Richmond cigarettes vary in size and format. In addition to the classic cigarette with a length of 84 mm and a diameter of 7.8 mm, there is also a super rim with a length of 100 mm and a diameter of 5.5 mm and a nano with a length of 69 mm and a diameter of 5.2 mm, as well as different types of packaging, which can be hard or soft, and different colors to match the flavor of the cigarette.