X Cigarettes - No plain packagingDistributing cigarettes in ordinary packing that includes fearful and very obvious body protection remarks appears to be efficient to convince men and women consider how to stop smoking. These are the data received from the research and published in a special sheet to the April edition of Tobacco Control.

Since 2012, the government of Australia seems to be an original issuer of legal norms, prescribing the sales of each kind of smoking goods in simplified, usual packs.

The goal had been reached in 3 directions: not to let cigarettes be too amazing for smokers; to make the medical advice better viewable; and to decrease the property of cigarette packings to disattract people from the health dangers caused by smoking cigarettes.

Nowadays, the researches and studies show that each of these aims has already been reached.

“Everywhere, it could be established that simple packing styles let mainly reach the three specific aims within one year after implementation of new legal norms,” told Melanie Wakefield, MD, the top scientist at the Centre for Behavioral Studies in Cancer, Cancer Council Victoria, in city Melbourne situated in Australia.

Simple packaging in Australia has been a “casebook example of effective tobacco control” as it appeared to cause excellent results.

Ordinary packs are already starting to prove their efficiency”. Australia has comprehended this experience and will use it for the nearest future. There are no astonishing things that it counts on the most minimal number of smokers worldwide.”

The fact that ordinary packing styles exist is efficiently limiting the property of packaging to “speak” to those who smoke and become attractive for both youngsters and adult consumers.

In the States where the same legal prescriptions are not in force, the tobacco product packaging will undoubtedly become an advertising tool and will be regularly improved.

In which ways these improvements will be developed, it is obvious because the potential ability of packages to make influence on, can only grow, not be reduced. The authorities, which do not legally set forth the simplicity requirements to packages now, will have to resolve great complications in the future.

Dr Wakefield and her staff questioned 5441 cigarette consumers in Australia. The questioning happened in three periods of time: before implementation of legal norms, setting forth simplified pack styles; at the time when these pack styles were being considered; within the year after such primitive packs had appeared.

Questioned persons were proposed to reply how frequently they considered the opportunity not to smoke furthermore, if they were really going to stop, if they were affected by packaging of cigarettes, if they planned to break smoking because they managed to consider the negative effects from smoking cigarettes, and if they managed to break inhaling cigarettes in spite of the furious need to feel a cigarette between their lips.

The number of smoking persons, breaking to smoke was greatly higher at the previous time than before implementation of ordinary package styles.

It was researched how such simplified packages make an impact on the category of smokers ageing from 13 up to 17 years. In this group of smokers, it was established that the mixture of simplified packages and bigger medical specifications composed one more negative comprehension of cigarettes and diminished the tobacco need among young smokers.

Dr Wakefield was specifying that the research was not aimed or considered to show the progress of breaking smoking, as it happened during a limited time period and was just focused on considerations how to stop smoking. The action of ordinary pack styles can stop smoking but it is still to be researched and commented.

The above-mentioned ordinary pack style is only “a part of the tobacco check program of Australia, which covers the growing tax on tobacco as well, teaching by means of mass media sources, legal norms, prohibiting the smoking und encouraging of people who stop consuming tobacco,” Dr Wakefield told.

Cigarettes – No plain packaging.