As I write this in November of 2013, there’s said to be nearing 1,000 e cigarette brands in the USA alone. While the global number will be much higher and harder to calculate, we’re here to provide insight on as many brands as humanly possible.

Our five person review team personally examines and uses each brand. We test for many different aspects, and we report these findings in our comprehensive reviews.

It’s something we do because we love the industry, we love the concept of a world without nasty tar and tobacco filling the air, and we are highly experienced copywriters and bloggers.

In short, talking about these brands is something we’re very passionate about, and we feel it’s the best way we can give back to the community.

The Top E Cigarette Brands Of 2014

We will keep this real simple for you

1. V2 Cigs Best Standard Sized Electronic Cigarette Excellent Tobacco Flavor

Read Our V2 Review Here

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2. Green Smoke Outstanding Product and Flavors

(The thickest vapor and some of the longest lasting standard sized batteries)

Read Our Green Smoke Review Here

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3. VaporZone They Have Everything

(eGo Style Cigs, E Liquid, Tank Systems and Cigalikes OH MY!)

Read Our Vapor Zone Review Here

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4. Bull Smoke Best Bang For Your Buck

Read Our Bull Smoke Review Here

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Here is a look at V2&#8242 s products, it is their Ultimate Starter Kit

This is by far the most comprehensive electronic cigarette starter kit we’ve ever seen, and contains all you will need to get started with some top notch accessories, such as a portable charging case, power cig (USB powered) and lots of flavor cartridges, which you choose, to find out exactly what you like best!

You can of course purchase a smaller kit with just 1 or 2 rechargeable batteries, and 5 flavor cartridges, and their kits are all customizeable.

They additionally have other really cool accessories, such as their EX mini tanks, as well as their EX batteries these are slightly more powerful and longer lasting than your average e cig battery which means more vape (e cig smoke), and longer life.

On top of that, you can buy their e liquid, and refill your own cartridges or their mini tanks, so there is something for everyone, whether you’re just starting out, or if you want the whole 9 yards.

If you make a purchase, be sure to use one of our V2 coupon codes and save some money!

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Here is the Green Smoke Ultimate kit

As you can see, these really look like an actual tobacco cigarette, which is a big selling feature to anyone making the transition to electronic cigarettes.

This is one of the biggest and most popular brands in the industry, and it is just a manner of preference, such as when someone likes Camel, Winston or Marlboro.

They have long lasting batteries, and very thick and tasty vapor. There is an excellent menthol flavor, and they have some of my favorite tobacco flavors, especially the Red Label.

Green Smoke has just the right stuff for getting started with electronic smoking, and some very sharp accessories, such as their carrying cases, and designer batteries.

Buy Online Direct at

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And About Vapor Zone&#8230

For anyone looking into more upgraded devices such as eGo style batteries, look no further than VaporZone. They have a sick line of upgraded batteries and variable voltage devices.

Here’s one of their starter kits, the Pulse

On top of that they have the largest selection of e juice in the market, as in over 30,000 possible blends, as you can blend your own flavors.

Whether you want a nice powerful device that lasts for hours, variable voltage, a nice e cig tank system, or a killer e juice, these are your go to guys and gals!

Visit them at

For VaporZone Hardware Purchases

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The discount will be automatically reflected in the shopping cart.

Here is one of their videos demonstrating one of their kits, the Jet, a nice middle of the road standard advanced vaporizer to take your vaping up a notch

And then there is Bull Smoke&#8230

These guys have the best priced and highest quality products we’ve tested. Their slogan is along the lines of ‘more vapor, no bull’ , and we have to say that describes our experience with their product line.

For under $30, you get the kit pictured here

This is the City Slicker Kit, and they also have a similar kit called the Ranch Hand, which has the same amount of components, for the same price. All other kits average around $50 $60 range for this, or more!

But wait, we’re not done!

You also get ten flavor cartridges. Pictured here are 8, but yes you’ll get 10!

Pay attention when looking up various e cigs, as not all come with flavor cartridges (also known as cartomizers) with their kits, and not all have 2 batteries.

Check them out at

If you just love saving money, take advantage of the Bull Smoke coupon code PRANCERCISE for 20% off!

Our Top and Some Other Good Electronic Cigarette Brands

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Electronic cigarettes have started a commercial revolution. How does the new consumer in this market select one brand from countless varieties? He learns as much as he can, compares and contrasts, and with any luck, he feels confident to make a purchase.

Here we will list some more brands for anyone looking to research this industry a little deeper. We’re listing these e cig brands in numerical order by which we like the best, and all will link to our review

Just click on any you’re interested in and it will take you to our review.

1. V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs cuts a dominant figure. The business runs a successful affiliate program and critics usually agree the product is a pretty good starter product.

Especially popular is the range of beginners’ kits from under $30 to almost $150. They are

The Beginners Kit
Passthru Kit
Standard Kit
Standard Plus
Couples Kit
Ultimate Kit

If you get tired of their 10 flavors (a mixture of tobacco varieties, mint/menthol, fruit, and gourmet) they also sell e liquid and blank tanks. This means major savings since, per/ml, liquid is cheaper and also less wasteful than blister packs of pre filled cartridges.

Official Site

2. Green Smoke

Green Smoke seems to blow a lot of the competition out of the water. There is a catch, though consumers pay more. Green Smoke e cigs produce lots of vapor they taste fresh and batteries seem to outlast most others in this class. What you find, however, is that Green Smoke charges a lot more than most companies for replacement cartridges about $17 for five. Compare this to $9.99 from Bull Smoke, or even $15 from V2 C
igs, which is also considered high.

Their starter kits, costing from $29.95 to $169.97, are

The Express
Pro Kit
Love Birds

Ten flavors include 4 tobacco, menthol, clove, and gourmet choices (no fruit).

3. VaporZone

What V2 Cigs cannot offer is a transitional device, taking clients from cigalikes with short battery life to the next level. VaporZone carries 6 vaping devices a simple e cig plus five products that feature better battery life, tanks, and/or Variable Voltage. Their products are

The Express

The Rebel costs the most at nearly $180. An Express costs under $30. All 6 are available as starter kits, but none contains liquid. They are still good value and VaporZone sells its own e liquid.

Official Site

4. Bull Smoke

This is marketed as a man’s e cig and can claim the title of cheapest starter kit in this list. There is essentially one kit in two formats

City Slicker
Ranch Hand

Each contains an AC adapter and a USB charger, ten cartridges, and two batteries. Bull Smoke carries 10 flavors of e liquid in the form of pre filled cartridges, but they do not make blanks or sell e liquid. Although value is fantastic, customers will graduate to eGo electronic cigs, which Bull Smoke does not carry.

Official Site

5. Halo Cigs

Halo makes two types of e cig. Their G6 mimics the size and weight of a real cigarette. The only thing that varies between G6 kits is the color of each one. Otherwise, G6 contains the same items as Bull Smoke, except only 5 cartridges.

Their Triton series is a tank system. If you are tired of batteries running out in 2 hours, you move on to the Triton and start using e liquid. Like VaporZone, they sell their own style of juice. Their pricing is exceptional.

6. South Beach Smoke

When South Beach Smoke first came out, celebrities were seen vaping the brand, helping to sell even more products. Starter kits are

Reusable Express, $21.99
Deluxe, $59.99
Deluxe Plus, $89.99
Deluxe Ultimate, $159.99
Couples Kit, $109.99

All but the Express contain two batteries. Their list of flavors has recently grown to 16, buying their clients some time before they need to expand their experience with a tank system.

7. Cigavette

Cigavette products for beginners are divided into Starter Kits and Sets. Premier ecigs come in one battery packages. All others carry two. VIP Go kits use tanks and larger batteries.

Their cartridges come in only two flavors menthol and tobacco. Anyone interested in fruit or chocolate e liquid can either

Buy Cigavette disposable e hookahs or
Refill tanks or blank cartridges using e liquid, not sold onsite

Cigavette is an affordable but limited option in this industry.

8. Eversmoke

The Basic, Pro, Ultimate, Couples, and Reusable Kits are all you would expect from a company like Eversmoke. They follow the standard formula, offering 10 flavors, but selling cartridges 15 at a time. You can’t pick up a five pack. They sell disposables, though, which is a plus, and also e liquid by VaporZone (a partner company along with South Beach Smoke).

9. Vapor Couture

Bull Smoke was the men’s e cig and Vapor Couture is its foil. If you buy this brand your priority is looks, not flavor or a long lasting battery. Their batteries come in 4 colors

Brushed Platinum
Deep Purple
Signature White with the Vapor Couture label
Rose Gold

Vapor Couture sells just 6 flavors and also a number of starter kits. Bull Smoke’s kit is cheapest Vapor Couture sells the most expensive kit available at over $200.

10. Smokeless Image

Volt is the mini cig from Smokeless Image, plus they make an MVP 2.0 (an advanced VV product). Their most basic kit (like a Reusable Express) costs $19.95. Smokeless Image carries a Basic, Standard, Pro, and a Premium which is their dearest option. Flavors are

5 types of tobacco
4 fruit flavors
2 mint/menthol types
3 gourmet flavors

They cost $8.95 for 5 on special, among the cheapest replacement packs.

If you are looking up the best e cig brands and want a selection to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the above selection. They are all good electronic cigarette brands, and they all just have their differences.

Check out a couple different ones, as these are substantially cheaper than smoking real cigarettes, where you’ll still be saving cash if you buy more than one. Some companies such as V2, Halo and VaporZone sell their own e juice separate, so you can test each of those companies out as well.

Happy vaping, and leave us a comment on our main review post if you have a question or suggestion, thanks!

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