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Each Henri Wintermans Slim Panatella is machine made in Holland, comprised of a Domingo leaf tobacco blend and encased in a brown Brazilian wrapper. Incorporating aromas from Brazil, Cuba, Java, and Columbia, each puff takes your taste buds on an exciting international journey, providing you with 15 20 minutes of sheer smoking satisfaction. For a full flavor smoke when you only have a short amount of time, be sure to reserve a special place in your humidor for a Henri Wintermans Slim Panatella. Henri Wintermans Cafe Creme Blue mini cigars are hailed by smoking connoisseurs as exceptional cigarillos which are the ideal go to smoke when you are looking for maximum flavor but have only a minimum amount of time. Small cigarillos can be just as gratifying as larger cigars, if not more so. These have a length of 73 mm (2.8″) and ring gauge of 21, making these probably the smallest cigarillo you’ve ever smoked. But they will likely be the best you ever smoked, with a great taste and wonderful fragrance. The addition of this highly sought after wrapper creates a fuller bodied, more flavorful smoke with increased hints of natural sweetness. These limited availability beauties are hard to come by but definitely worth the wait. Ashton Aged Maduro cigars are handmade at Chateau de la Fuente with rare, dark, and oily maduro Connecticut broadleaf wrappers that are slowly fermented and then paired with the finest of aged Dominican filler tobaccos. They are lighter cigars in body and strength but still have a robustness all their own. When you order a box, you’ll receive 25 cigars measuring 129 mm by 42. Anyone who has a true passion about cigar smoking should try these cigars at least once. H. Upmann Connoisseur No. 1 cigars are the epitome of charm, serving as the ideal cigar for smokers just getting started with the robusto format.

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