more_menthol_soft.gifThe cigarettes of this trademark are produced by the famous manufacturer of smoking products, Reynolds Tobacco Company. All items manufactured by the Reynolds Tobacco Company are classified under three types: non-support brands, selective-support brands and investment category. More Cigarettes are classified under the non-support category. The very description of that category means that those cigarettes are manufactured in limited volumes. R.J. Tobacco Company manufactures this cigarette category just for true clients. The company does not make essential efforts to promote this product. Despite, its popularity in the cigarette market is continuously growing.

Directly after introduction to the market, More cigarettes were brown-colored and were intended to be smoked by ladies. They were firstly manufactured in 1975. Their original length was 120 mm. At that time, this brand really hit the market with its nice flavor and smell. Today, this brand is a choice of both  ladies and gentlemen because no true smoker is able to sustain their flavor.

The Cigarettes of More Trademark – Passion for More Satisfied Life

This brand means much more than just smoking cigarettes, this is a passion for a nice taste and smell. After smoking them, a consumer begins to newly understand the world, feeling power, ability to active actions; in other words, the taste of these cigarettes is the new taste of life.

These cigarettes are now produced by different manufacturers, which are authorized to issue them. They are extremely popular in Europe and in other parts of the world, satisfying consumers with their incomparable taste.

A fashionable package design is eye-catching and attractive for buyers of these cigarettes. These cigarettes can be easily distinguished from other trademarks, owing to their specific and unique smell and taste, which are their primary features.

More lights cigarettes are distributed in blue packs. Filter-end cigarettes are distributed in flip-top and red packaging. More cigarettes became well-known to smoking ladies because of their slim and super-slim designs.

The More cigarette types include More Brown Light Menthol, More Brown Light, More regular, More white light, More white light menthol. The varieties of slim and long cigarettes are distributed in soft packs only. Each cigarette pack has a special color to indicate the cigarette flavor.

Our cigarette shop gives an opportunity to order two variants of these out-of-standard cigarettes via Internet: More Filters and More Blue. More cigarettes are not cheap because they are a preference of wealthy consumers. So, a consumer can increase a social status in his (or her) surrounding while buying and smoking this brand. Just place us an order and you will never be disappointed!