All tobacco products are harmful. Whether they are bought legitimately from a retailer or illegally on the black market, all tobacco products contain over 4,000 chemicals, at least 60 of which are known to cause cancer.

Illegal tobacco products are cigarettes, hand rolling tobacco or niche products (such as beedis/bidis and sheesha/shisha) that have been smuggled, bootlegged or are counterfeit.


These are foreign brands brought into the UK illegally to be sold on the black market. Things to look out for include one or more of the following

  • Foreign brand names such as Raquel and Jin Ling
  • Cheaper prices less than 3.50 for a pack of 20
  • Foreign health warnings
  • No picture health warnings
  • Unusual taste


These are cigarettes and tobacco usually brought into the UK in large quantities from countries with lower tax and illegally resold as any cigarettes brought in from outside the UK should be for personal use only. Things to look out for include one or more of the following

  • Popular brands such as Lambert and Butler and Superkings
  • Foreign health warnings
  • Cheaper prices less than 3.50 for a pack of 20

Counterfeit (fake cigarettes)

These are cheap cigarettes that are made to look like popular UK brands. Things to look out for include one or more of the following

  • Popular brands such as Lambert and Butler and Superkings
  • Unusual packaging spelling mistakes, wrong logos, foreign health warnings
  • No picture health warnings
  • Cheaper prices less than 3.50 for a pack of 20

Top 4 electronic cigarette brands

Camel (cigarette) – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There was an episode when smoking was noticed as something very nonchalant to observe, with boys radiating manliness and girls appearing similar to matured women doing things that they should not. It is still regarded as a forbidden action to see a girl clutching a cigarette, and candidly, both men and women have to recognize the truth that smoking is not a man s thing anymore, but a female s thing too. It is a prejudiced world where men are permitted to perform particular things that women cannot.

Since the lucrative business of cigarette had already posed risks to the health of lots of individuals, men and women alike, there are already those who look for substitutes, if not a total prohibition on the idea of smoking. As a result, when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik made up the initially recognized electronic cigarette in 2003, it increased immediate fame and was presented publicly in the early part of 2005. With this, various electronic cigarette brands came out in the market.

Brand #1 Premium E Cigarettes

These types of e cigarettes cannot only be obtained in cigarette form but cigars and pipes as well for people who have a preference for the old fashioned means or extra stylish methods of smoking. Smokers who feel affection for taste improved cigarettes will be contented to learn that tangs such as Irish Cream and watermelon together with additional 19 aromas and more are what Premium cigarettes present. You can alter the appearance of the battery, converting it as you go along. It comes with a starter kit for people who will use it for the first time together with a disposable e cigarette, intended for one time use only. As soon as you benefit from this custom kit, you will by no means desire to return to your tobacco ridden way of life.

Brand #2 Cigarti E Cigarettes

These cigarettes are created for people who select elegance and brand on top of average and dull. This e cigarette is comparable to the Bvlgari collection. Those who desire to stop smoking can benefit from this gadget, which can conceal the reality that it is a crappy electronic cigarette, providing it an appearance that can leap to twist fairly several heads. It contains distinctive designs that individuals can select, together with the taste harmonizing its stylish covering.

Brand #3 Blue E Cigarettes

This is a well liked brand among individuals in the United States. The consumers vow that this unique brand of e cigarette is effective. The money you spend is worth it because it is not expensive compared to other brands. Starter kits are introduced along with a sole package holder that can charge batteries of five cartridges, a USB charger, five tasty cartridges that have been enhanced upon together with a wall charger. Tastes are available in superb menthol, cherry crush, classic tobacco, vivid vanilla and others.

Brand #4 Green Smoke E Cigarettes

It is presented together with atomizers that are disposable in nature along with essences, and includes just two pieces to the cigarette s body, with the next part being the battery, making it handy for consumers. As far as the other e cigarette brands are concerned, Green Smoke is the only one that includes a two part cigarette system that is effortless to utilize and control. Batteries are effortlessly removed for cartridge change where the nicotine pad is tightly attached into it without seepage concerns. It contains a great design, making it an excellent purchase for people who like e smoking. Further brands of Green Smoke include Smart Smoker, Luci, Bloog, The Safe Cig, eSmoke, Cigana, Smoking Everywhere, Direct E Cig, Prado, White Cloud and V2 Cigs.

These e cigarette brands may offer an appealing taste that consumers will love. However, you have to make sure that they are indeed good enough for your consumption before even buying one.