About JTI

JTI is the international tobacco business of Japan Tobacco, one of the world s largest industry players. With 90 of the world s best known cigarette brands including Winston, Camel, Mild Seven, LD, Sobranie and Glamour, we have a global market share of 11%. Formed in 1999, we are a young, forward looking business built on a rich heritage dating back to the 18th century.

Position Purpose

The candidate will be a member of the C&TM Strategy Team and mainly responsible for supporting the RMC Group Brand Manager in translating brand strategies into actionable brand programs. The Brand Associate plays an important supporting role in coordinating and implementing the portfolio / packaging roadmap, brand strategies and activation programs for the JTI brands in Belgium and Luxembourg. In addition, he/she will manage specific projects related in terms of identifying opportunities, assessing them and managing the implementation. He/she will also be responsible for the daily brand management administrative processes.


1. Support the development of the RMC brand portfolio and pricing strategies based on HQ & Market guidelines, best practices and market dynamics in order to maximize portfolio/brand performance and ROI, monitoring and suggesting corrective actions

2. Management of product and packaging activities regarding operational market implementation of new introductions, product changes, price changes and/or line extensions, while safeguarding quality, consistency and in time delivery. Regular contact with JTI R&D in Trier and customer service.

3. Work in close collaboration with key stakeholders within C&TM Planning, Development and Operations as well as other relevant Internal and external departments in order to ensure a timely alignment of the brand strategies behind consumer / trade programs and activities. Evaluation of project implementation to enable mid course assessment of progress. This should make possible refinements to increase effectiveness and Return on Investment.

4. In close liaison with Strategic Intelligence and the partners , the candidate should formulate consumer insights driven by consumer and trend monitoring, and translate these into new business ideas and suggest improvement areas for the brand portfolio in close collaboration with the brand manager.

5. Responsible for daily brand management administrative processes (project monitor, SKU updates, product file, weekly and monthly briefs, budget..)

6. Support development of Annual and Strategic Plan, Business Review and TDT and any other tasks requested

Qualifications & Experience

Cigarettes: meaning of ‘description’ or ‘brand’ for duty purposes

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“Description”, as used in section 4 of the “Tobacco Products Duty Act”, is normally taken to mean an individual brand of cigarettes. Packets of twenty, eighteen or ten cigarettes of the same brand make a single description for duty purposes.

Any requests for different treatment, eg packets of 25 of the same basic brand but of a different get up or description should be referred to the Tobacco Team, Ralli Quays.

If a brand of cigarettes is sold only in one pack size, the ad valorem duty element will be based on the retail price for the brand in question.

Where cigarettes of the same brand are sold in a range of pack sizes, which include a 20 size pack, the ad valorem duty on all cigarettes of that brand should be calculated on the retail price of the twenty size pack. It follows that the ad valorem element of the duty on, for example, a pack of eighteen cigarettes is calculated as a ratio, based on the recommended retail price for the 20 pack.

You should contact the Tobacco Team, Ralli Quays for advice if a manufacturer or importer proposes selling cigarettes in two or more pack sizes, which do not include a 20 size pack.

Only one recommended retail price can apply throughout the UK for any one brand at any one time. A price reduction is acceptable for duty purposes only if the new price is recommended for all UK sales of the brand.