Jack Wilshere has been reprimanded by Arsene Wenger after being caught smoking (Picture Getty)

Jack Wilshere may have felt the wrath of boss Arsene Wenger for being pictured smoking, but his antics appear to have opened up another money making avenue for the Arsenal midfielder.

Electronic cigarette company Neo have reportedly approached the England international to become the face of their brand after he was snapped outside a London night club earlier this week with cigarette in hand.

And while Wenger could yet punish his star man for the apparent misdemeanour, Neo were quick off the mark to spot a great publicity opportunity.

May possibly look a bit like this. Photo Gareth Richman / Evening Standard

As a professional footballer and a role model to millions of young fans, we can understand the controversy caused by Jack puffing on a cigarette, said Neo Director Est e Oren.

So we have offered him a significant sum today to officially endorse our product as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Wilshere has today insisted he does not use cigarettes, but as they say, there s no smoke without fire.

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Celebrities smoking e-cigarettes, vapor taking hollywood by storm

Phillip morris introduces marlboro … marij
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Posted by Josh R on January 16, 2014 Under Blog

I remember 3 yearss ago when I first saw the clip of Katherine Heigl puffing away on her e cigarette on the David Letterman Show. This was before vaping hit the mainstream like it has today, so it was crazy to see a well known actress puffing away on late night television. And then Dave even took a few puffs himself!

But it’s not 2010 anymore. It’s the beginning of 2014 and electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm. But it’s not just your “average pack a day joe” who is taking advantage of vapor to quit smoking&#8230 some extremely well known celebrities are hardcore vapers!

Here are my favorite 3 celebrity e cig smokers and photos of them in the act!

Hardcore E Cig Vaping Celebrities

#1 Katherine Heigl the Celebrity Face of Vaping and E Cig Goddess!

The Beginning

Katherine Heigl, as mentioned above, was about as early an adopter as there is for e cigarettes. They were first sold commercially in 2008 and she was puffing away on Letterman by 2010! She was using them before I was and I blog about them as a hobby. If you’re talking about celebrities using electronic cigarettes, you simply have to have 4 photos dedicated to Katherine Heigl.

A Stunning Photo of Our Favorite E Cig Actress

Of course she wouldn’t be vaping cig a like brands forever. Here she is with what looks like some sort of eGo setup.

And our final picture. Here is Ms. Heigl with the Provari mod, one of the finest pieces of hardware in the vaping world.

If you love e cigs, you just have to love Katherine Heigl. I love how the pictures show her advance from a simple model in 2010 to an eGo sometime later, to a Provari recently. This is similar to the path that many e cig users take, starting with brands like V2 Cigs and then advancing to the more advanced models.

#2 Katy Perry Unexpectedly Pro Vaper

There aren’t a lot of pictures of Katy Perry using an e cig, actually we could only find this single one. But it’s a great photo and we can see that Katy Perry is a fairly pro e cig user! She’s using some sort of eGo setup rather than a cig a like model like so many of her peers are using. I’m loving the fact that the women celebrities are more hardcore than most of the males!

Katy Perry in a crazy yellow outfit, puffing on her eGo.

#3 John Cusack Our Final Hardcore Vaping Celeb

I don’t know how but I’ve somehow never seen a John Cusack movie. I’ve heard his name dozens of times but looking over his filmography, I haven’t seen a thing. Regardless, there are a few pictures of John puffing away like a real pro, so I figured he was the perfect fit to round out our hall of fame e cig celebrities. Here you go!

Looks like some sort of robbery, but the eGo gets a lot of exposure in this picture

Pure Class. I love this one. Going to go watch High Fidelity now.

The “Cig A Like” Celebrity E Smokers

These are all pretty famous celebrities, but we don’t have time to delve into details about them. One because I’m getting kind of tired of writing, and two because they’re all smoking cig a like models. Leo, I respect your work but give me a call when you decide to vape with tank instead of a cartridge!

Here are the rest of the celebrity vape crew, in no particular order.

Jack Nicholson. I can forgive him for not using a more advanced e cig because of how badass he is.

Lindsay Lohan. A step in the right direction!

Lots of Leo e cig pictures. Too bad Katherine Heigl and Katy Perry make him look like he’s smoking Virginia Slims.

People still care about Paris Hilton?

Sean Penn. Not my favorite person but he looks like a boss in this photo.