cigarettesPeople describe the smoking process in different ways. But for most of them smoking is something precious and irreplaceable, something that should be admired and respected all the time. Smoking is the whole complex world of satisafaction.

This obvious desire to smoke… The desire, the striving … you can hear how smokers say about it. But no, it is impossible to describe in words what it means for them.

Over time, the incredibly addictive craving will concern you as well, suddenly overtaking and picking up with a whirlwind of anticipation, sweet meeting with the moments of true pleasure, and even a fleeting thought of a cigarette will create an exciting expectation.

And these thoughts and these strong feelings are perfectly natural, normal and pleasant for people who are used to smoke. We may suppose it is called a habit – novelty and strength of feelings, especially after the break, after absense of a cigarette, it is just superb!

Every cigarette is always the first and only one in one’s life … Of course, you will notice the feeling not at once, and that’s okay too. Time will pass, and then if there is something that bothers or annoys you, then it is impossibillity to devote time to yourself, hold a cigarette for at least five minutes.

And another daily magic will be a gradual abatement of fierce and passionate thrust, peace and rest after you’ve done yourself a favor, given yourself a little everyday pleasure, just one cigarette.

Do not worry if you do not feel anything like that- it’s not bad. If you feel the most important aspect, the most of pleasure from a cigarette, then the rest will gradually come into your life with the whole spectrum of smoking components.

Everyone will have his personal impressions, and it is also correct and perfect. Sensations will acquire the strength and depth, come more confident and more often. And even in this a particle of madness, loss of self-control – this little madness is great and wonderful, and it is not necessary to limit yourself even in this.

Let yourself a little bit to be liberated, surrender to body sensations, and brief moments of smoking will give you a real pleasure, will become moments of relaxation and joy.

If you really want to become a real smoker, do not be afraid: permit something beautiful to yourself and your body, and do not be afraid to reject the strict limitations, because the result will exceed all expectations.

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