Vogue cigarettesIn 1990, Madonna brought once more into consideration a type of house dance and performance, characteristic for the ’60s: voguing was at first motivated by Vogue magazine photography and Madonna added another remark by making reference to the marvelousness of the brilliant film time.

The highly contrasting music video coordinated by David Fincher for Madonna’s tune Vogue, motivated by the American established Hollywood cinema of the 20’s and the 30’s, highlights, among various postures with a reference, certain smoking scenes; despite the fact that there is no conspicuous proposal that those were Vogue cigarettes, there unquestionably is some place for hypothesis on the issue. Why? Since Vogue cigarettes share the same elaborate motivation and characterize their mold introduction in the same social and way of life foundation as this hit of the ’90s. Accordingly, the supposition that Madonna’s smoking scenes make a clue to the brand of cigarettes Vogue would be just consequential.

Madonna’s tune Vogue records different names representing the Golden Age of Hollywood: Greta Garbo – the notoriety fatale, Marilyn Monroe – the coquettish blonde, Marlene Deitrich – the spectacular German performer, DiMaggio, Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, Grace Kelly – Her Serene Highness, Jean Harlow, Gene Kelly – Singing in the Rain, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers, Rita Hayworth, Ralph Lauren, Lana Turner, and beautiful Bette Davis. All these wonderful personalities and infamous smokers raised an alluring state of mind towards smoking.

So what could the words “strike a pose” mean with regard to tobacco industry? Evidently, they allude to reestablishing a state of mind and restoring the excellence and tastefulness of a long-gone time. This has been the position of the cigarettes mark Vogue from the beginning. The evident interest in looks, shapes, surfaces and hues, aromas and different sophisticated refinements, guaranteed the phenomenon of Vogue cigarettes around the world. An astounding number of individuals purchase Vogue cigarettes both on the web and in locall tobacco stores.