No smoker should be ashamed of his desires, and if he decides that one obvious product suits him, and fully meets his expectations and requirements, then so it should be! He must taste it, identify all the benefits for himself, and continue to learn with renewed vigor. Backwoods cigarettes became such an example of a favorite product; they embody all the grace and delicacy of smoking, its originality. These include Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. Before it is put into production, it is stored for at least a year under special conditions. Leads to improved organoleptic and taste characteristics of the finished product.

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What are Backwoods cigarettes?

The Dominican Republic became exactly that resource and inspiration for the creators of these cigarettes. Having admired this country, Backwoods began to be produced here. This state on the island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea has become the personification of the new product. It completely includes tobacco. Moreover, it does not have filters or any other add-ons. The outer part is mainly covered with natural tobacco leaf. This makes it look so much like a regular cigar. The difference is that it is not the leaves that are rolled up inside, but the tobacco crumbs. This combination obviously reduces the process of smoking the product, while demonstrating its natural taste and the entire palette of aroma. Every year, more and more lovers of good products pay attention to this brand. Reviews from those who have already made their choice in favor of it indicate that not one of them regrets such a natural decision.