Captain Black cigarettes, which you can buy on our website, have millions of fans in all countries and on all continents. Strong and fragrant, they are made for real men. However, many ladies taste their exquisite refined aroma with great pleasure and “drown” in the clouds of their dense smoke with great pleasure. The world first met Captain Black cigarettes almost 50 years ago. It was released in America by a German émigré and immediately became a hit of sales, instantly overtook all of its “colleagues” in popularity and still does not give up its leading positions. Experts consider the Captain Black cigarettes to be the standard of quality – their presence in a smoker speaks of his excellent taste, wealth and position in society.

Captain Black cigarettes are quite inexpensive in the online store. Original, versatile and incredibly tasty, they are created using high quality Filipino and Indonesian tobaccos, smoke long enough and leave a feeling of complete satisfaction. The Captain Black cigarettes brand is trusted, loved, admired.

Captain Black cigarettes have an original soft taste with a rich deep aroma of ripe cherries and are intended for those who want to get the most out of smoking during a short break. Captain Black cigarettes are made from natural pipe tobacco. Thanks to the use of a mixture of several varieties of selected tobacco and light, unobtrusive aromatization, when creating Captain Black cigarillos, these cigarillos have a mild taste and a very pleasant aroma.

Captain Black cigarettes can be called cigars in a more convenient, miniature format. At the same time, we immediately note that in fact there are much more differences than it seems at first glance. But first, let’s talk about the similarities. Firstly, cigarillos and cigars are filled with tobacco, and the same leaves are used in the products of famous brands such as Cohiba. Some manufacturers add flavorings, but this is typical for budget options. The second similarity is external. It is about the same shape and thickness. Both cigars and cigarillos are usually wrapped in tobacco sheets. In budget options, there are other materials.