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Initially, these cigarettes were created for a specific group of people. Their release was conducted for a closed club whose name was “meeting”. The cigarettes were quite expensive at the time. They became popular in one of the most aristocratic areas of London, actually St. James. Their offer to normal consumers had become very problematic for some reasons. And to this day, the brand has proven and retained its individuality and distinction. Everyone can enjoy this wonderful taste.
The products are very specific, ultra-thin with a carbon filter.
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Everything is done for the comfort of the consumer. In other words, everything is done so that consumers can comfortably smoke these cigarettes. It is worth mentioning as it is very important for the ladies.
Beautiful and elegant women will always appreciate the pleasant smell and comfort.
What other advantages does Sobranie have especially for women? Of course, no smell goes from the hands to smoking. It’s unlikely that you can underestimate such an advantage, especially the ladies, who always find a smell super important. The combination of price and quality is in line with customer expectations, and therefore these cigarettes are peculiar and indeed attractive to women.
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