Buenchico The cheapest place which you can bring back an ‘unlimited’ quantity from (subject to HMRC’s guideline maximum ‘personal use’ figure of 3200) is probably still Belgium. Taxes have been increased but prices are probably still lower than elsewhere.

Cigarettes may be (significantly) cheaper in some of the ‘new’ EU countries but you can only bring back 200.


PS I’ve never smoked (or ‘bootlegged’) a single cigarette in my life. This information is based upon what friends have told me (except for the customs limits which are derived from the HMRC website). If any smokers (and/or bootleggers) know better, I’ll happily bow to their superior knowledge. 22 52 Sun 12th Nov 2006
NORMANTHEDOG the eastern european countries that have recently joined the eu are very cheap 00 25 Mon 13th Nov 2006
Buenchico As Norman states, the former Soviet block countries generally have very low prices for cigarettes. However, that doesn’t really help most travellers very much. If you try to import more than 200 cigarettes from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia or Slovenia, you’ll either have to pay duty or (if you don’t declare them) risk confiscation and possible prosecution
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Chris 01 26 Mon 13th Nov 2006
ugly bob Unfortunately, Chris is right. EU taxes on cigarettes have increased a lot recently, making European cigarettes a lot more expensive than they were. I think (but I’m not sure) that there’s a fairly standard price of 40 Euros ish (around 28) for 200 cigs now in most EU countries.
If, however, you go to Andorra/Gibraltar/Canaries/Eastern Europe, you can get them a lot cheaper, but you face import limits.
The former Eastern Bloc countries have limits on how much you can import that usually are 200 cigarettes, but other tobacco varies significantly from country to country. 10 38 Mon 13th Nov 2006
vicalncraig Lativa 17 22 Mon 13th Nov 2006
filthiestfis Yes Buenchico and ugly bob have got it absolutely correct. I have never been stopped at customs on my return from hol in London but others have been, so I wont recommend that you attempt to bring back more than the 200 cigs limit ) 04 24 Wed 15th Nov 2006
tobacconline Hi Andy, I live in Hungary and am just about to open a website we are going to start selling cigarettes to EU countries and as clearly stated here the max you can import is 200 for private use, but that is 200 at a time so you could import 800 a month as long as they are for personal use, this is obviously a grey the court case going on at present … 21 08 Wed 22nd Nov 2006
JackWales Try Budapest, in Hungary. I was there over Christmas and Lambert & Butler worked out at 1.40 a pack (!). I bought 15 cartons at the airport on the way home (filled two carrier bags. I saved over 500 more than enough to pay for my 5 day holiday. By the way, I was in Amsterdam last November (2007) quite expensive there cheaper than the UK (isn’t everywhere?) but, if I remember, about 3.50 a pack.
Happy hunting 15 57 Mon 11th Feb 2008 answer removed
viperrey Most cheapest cigarettes in EU online stores.

Cheap cigarettes EU store for example 13 36 Tue 06th May 2008 answer removed answer removed answer removed answer removed
likecamel I suggest you to try to buy at online cigarettes stores like / Discount prices and good quality 14 07 Thu 13th Feb 2014

European cigarettes? – cigarette forum & smokers community

Buy gambler tube cut tobacco online
#1 (permalink) 09 04 2012, 12 59 AM Nero Entry Member Join Date Sep 2012 Location United States Posts 1 Rep Power 0 European Cigarettes?

I’ve been wanting to try some sort of European cigarette but have no way of getting them, anyone know how/where I could get them or maybe send a pack my way? #2 (permalink) 09 05 2012, 08 15 AM tarik Member Join Date Sep 2011 Location Morocco Posts 36 Rep Power 0

well if you’re gonna smoke amercian cigs like marlboro or camel they are much better in the usa european marlboro is crap these days but if you’re looking for some good european cigs here are some you gotta try if you go there lucky strike filters (not available in the usa) and benson & hedges gold and if you want something different with less chemicals you may try jps, dunhill or rothmans #3 (permalink) 09 05 2012, 09 40 AM ianus Member Join Date Mar 2011 Location Croatia Posts 63 Rep Power 10

I would also sugest Muratti Ambassador, Gauloises and Karelias. #4 (permalink) 10 18 2012, 04 10 AM Tobacco Junior Member Join Date Oct 2012 Posts 17 Rep Power 0 European Cigarettes?

Red & White is low cost cigarettes but has a pleasant quality and it is also manufactured by Philip Morris International. Luxury brand of cigarettes and it is manufactured by British American Tobacco Company.
Camel cigarettes were introduced in 1913 by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company and since then it has became a prime contender in the cigarettes market.
Winston Cigarettes were introduced in 1954 and are manufactured by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company.
Marlboro is the leading tobacco brand in the world. It was introduced in 1924 and since then they have become the largest selling cigarette product in the world due to its high quality cigarettes. #5 (permalink) 10 22 2012, 05 37 AM Russian Smoker Junior Member Join Date Jun 2012 Location Russian Federation Posts 21 Rep Power 0

I advise you to try unfiltered Gitanes and Gauloises from France, they contain strong “dark” tobacco. Also I recommend George Karelias & Sons with finest Virginia. These cigarettes are made in Greece.
So, Benson & Hedges are good, specially in UK.
European Marlboros, Luckies and Camels are horrible. #6 (permalink) 10 22 2012, 09 36 AM marlborofan Senior Member Join Date Jul 2012 Location Marlboro Country! Well, Scotland… Posts 227 Rep Power 26

I have to say I don’t think UK Marlboros, Luckies or Camels are bad, but then I have never smoked anything but them so that figures I guess.

If I ever go to America I’ll be sure to try the American counterparts.
As long as men smoke for flavour, there will always be a Marlboro country #7 (permalink) 10 22 2012, 10 09 AM Russian Smoker Junior Member Join Date Jun 2012 Location Russian Federation Posts 21 Rep Power 0

marlborofan, it is possible. I didn’t smoke UK brands excluding Benson & Hedges and John Player Special (they are very tasty). But Swiss made Marlboros and German Luckies or Camels are poor, taste is so nasty.
Maybe cigarettes in the UK have higher quality then other European. Also I like Spanish cigarettes, especially Ducados Negros.

Last edited by Russian Smoker 10 22 2012 at 12 08 PM. #8 (permalink) 10 22 2012, 02 06 PM IHCman Senior Member Join Date May 2011 Location United States Posts 169 Rep Power 20

Originally Posted by Nero I’ve been wanting to try some sort of European cigarette but have no way of getting them, anyone know how/where I could get them or maybe send a pack my way? I’ve ordered cigs and rolling tobacco from url /url They are located in Greece. Rather high price with shipping and all but a good way to try different cigs. I felt the premade cigs from there were ok but certainly milder than US cigs. I also did not notice if they were fsc.

Very fast shipping time too is another plus

Last edited by Chief Smoker 10 22 2012 at 03 48 PM.