Esse cigarettesEsse Cigarettes are manufactured and promoted by the biggest tobacco items producer in Korea, namely the Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation. In 2005, this company sold around 60 billion cigarettes.

The Esse cigarettes produced by this organization have immense sales rates in the Asian countries. Esse cigarettes are likewise extremely everywhere welcome in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia countries.

The Korea and Ginseng Corp. has a notoriety of making quality tobacco items, so the cigarette brand created by them, Esse cigarettes, is certain to have each of the qualities to make these cigarettes to one of the best brands in Asia as well as other parts of the world.

The Esse cigarettes are extremely reasonable; they are accessible in some flavors. These flavors cover the Esse Black NanoKings (smaller than usual ones), Esse Blue Super Slims 100’s, Esse Special Gold 100’s, Esse Super Slims Field 100’s, Esse Super Slims Menthol 100’s, and numerous more variations. Some of these variations are purchased more than the usual assortment.

The Slim and the Ultra-Slim variations of Esse cigarette are all around enjoyed by individuals of any age and by both men and ladies. Aside from these variations, there are the light cigarettes, menthol and numerous more versions alike Esse Black, Esse Gold and others.

The Esse Menthol cigarettes are widely smoked. Esse menthol cigarettes are gentle and give a cool and cold sensation in the throat while breathing in the smoke. The Slim and Super Slim variations are longer and much more slender than different brands.

These thin cigarettes are especially appealing to ladies who to some extent, lean toward slim cigarettes. The Slims are so intended to fit perfectly inside a ladies’ handbag. The bundling of this brand mirrors the nature of the cigarettes. The packs are light, spotless, classy, rich and exceptionally up-to-date.

The Esse cigarette deals are so successful because the tobacco stuff of these cigarettes is outstanding.

The mixed blend of stuff elements permits you to extend into eastern culture and to comprehend the certified and indescribable happiness and joy of consuming the Esse cigarettes.

The way how the Esse cigarettes are produced makes them exceedingly desired by consumers, appropriately by women. They will unquestionably assess a decent decision of buying the Esse cigarettes. These cigarettes can be found in our online tobacco store at moderate prices.