camel-blueCamel is a brand of cigarettes, which is produced by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company. In the early 20th century, tobacco lovers preferred to twist cigarettes themselves, and no one could even imagine that the rolled and packed cigarettes can appear in the market.

Company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco developed a more attractive taste of cigarettes, resulting from the use of the Turkish and American tobacco sorts, simulating the tobacco flavor of Egyptian cigarettes, which was fashionable at that time.

This band is traditionally associated with Joe Camel, a brand figure, which popularity is comparable with such Walt Disney figures as Mickey Mouse and Marlboro man.

Thus, the company managed to sell about 425 millions of cigarette packs within one year.

Before the release of the brand, R.J. Reynolds led an advertising campaign for several months with the slogan “Camel Are Coming» (an analogy with the Scottish folk song «The Campbells Are Coming»), causing the public interest.

This marketing approach had led to the fact that these cigarettes became an instant hit in sales after the release. They could quickly gain popularity in the country.

In 2000 the company introduced the menthol-free cigarettes Camel Turkish Gold, in summer of 2001 the cigarettes Camel Turkish Jade with menthol were issued.

In 2005, Camel cigarettes were upgraded, changing the filter color and design.

Also in 2005, the Turkish Silver cigarettes were released. These were ultra-light cigarettes produced from all known Turkish tobaccos.

The success of Camel cigarettes was caused by the fact that a high-quality tobacco blend is used. This was the first brand produced from the mixture of Turkish and Virginian tobacco sorts.

This blend was much easier to smoke than any strong and harsh tobacco that was used for many other cigarette brands.

The cigarettes Camel Crush are known for their strong and pleasant menthol taste.

Camel Filters Full Flavor cigarettes have a tart taste, and do not cause cough when smoking them in the morning.

Camel Turkish Royal Cigarette has a pleasant and mild flavor, which can be compared with a sweet, rich flavor of Turkish tobacco.

Camel Cigarettes are not actively marketed now because they are extremely popular and are sold in more than 90 countries. Popular varieties such as Classic, Turkish and Exotic Blends of this brand make it to one of the world’s best five tobacco brands.