What You Need To Know About E Cigarettes To Stay Safe While Using Them

When it comes to one s safety, electronic cigarettes are similar to any other electronic gadget if not used correctly, the user can become injured. In the case of e cigarettes, should the device fall or the cartridge break, the users, children, pet and the environment can suffer. Failing to properly handle the batteries may lead to them exploding in your mouth. In fact, this very incident has happened. When, you ask?

In February 2012, a Florida man suffered severe burns and lost several teeth and some of his tongue after his electronic cigarette blew up in his face. According to fire officials, the man was trying to quit smoking and was using the e cig in his effort. It was concluded that the incident happened because the battery was faulty. Officials equated the incident with holding a bottle rock in a person s mouth when it goes off.

Another thing, at this moment, there s no safe way to get rid of the e cig. Simply put, the battery is not friendly to the environment.

Being Safe Begins At The Time Of Your Purchase How To Choose Your E Cig Brand

The moment you need to start thinking about safety is when you decide you want to use and purchase an electronic cigarette. The market is overloaded with e cig manufacturers and sellers so it can be rather confusing on who you should go with. How should you choose the e cig that s right for you?

Don t base the decision on price and price alone! The reason is that inexpensive price tags often mean low quality materials.

When you re trying to find an electronic cigarette brand, there are eight important things to look at (these are not just about the safety)

  1. Quality, Durable Batteries You want to make sure that the batteries are strong enough so that the e cig lasts all day. You also want it to be durable so it can take the bumps you give it.
  2. Easy To Use When you re looking at different brands, you ll notice a 2 piece and 3 piece design. The two piece design is much easier to use. Because the cartridge comes with the smoking liquid already inside, it s much easier to replace the cartridge.
  3. Several Charging Options Remember, the battery is what allows you to use the device so you want a number of different charging options most kits come with just a USB charger.
  4. Lifespan of Cartomizer The cartomizer is also another important part of the e cig so find one that will last longer than 50 puffs. The ideal ones last around 300 or more puffs and will save you money in the long run.
  5. Flavor It s important to look for e cigarettes that provide you with outstanding flavor a brand that has various flavor options such as tobacco, menthol, cherry, apple, etc.
  6. USB Cigarette Look for a brand that offers a USB cigarette because sometimes forgetting is a natural part of life. Perhaps you forgot to charge the batteries and, until they re charged, you can t use the device. With a USB cigarette, there s no worry about this.
  7. High Volume Of Smoke Be sure you look for e cig brands that produce a good smoke volume. Many people view seeing smoke escape from the lips as a pleasure. And, like many other qualities, this is also an important one.
  8. Customer Service When choosing a brand, look carefully at the customer service. They re the ones you ll be dealing with for your orders and complaints. You don t want to purchase an e cig brand, have something wrong with it, only to find that the customer service department won t refund you or replace it. You want a reliable customer service department one that honors a guarantee, should you need it.

IMPORTANT TIP The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to use brands that are established and have a high reputation White Cloud, Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, etc. You can find them by doing a little bit of research and getting the list of the highest rated, trusted e cig brands on the market.

Yes, some of these trusted name brands can get expensive. However, you can rest easy knowing that these brands are robust and safe.

Keep Meticulous Records

Like any purchase you make, it s best to keep receipts or records of them in a safe location. You ll want them in cases where you need the warranty should you not be happy with it. Be sure you have the company s address, phone number and the website address.

What Should You Do When You Get Your Package?

Be sure you check the package once you get it. You want to ensure that the package has no leaks. Give the charger a good inspection to ensure it s working correctly. Be sure you also inspect the cartridges and cartomizers. You don t want these to leak either. Now, should there be any leaks, wrap them up carefully in plastic or paper to keep the liquid from leaking further. Do not allow children to see you do this and be careful not to get any in your eyes and mouth.

Besides checking the above, you also need to look at the batteries, as these are the most important component to the e cig device. While lithium ion batteries are, for the most part, study, they can be dangerous. Before using them, check them out for leaks. They re also sensitive so don t open the package in hot room temperatures. Since they can explode or burn, don t use them near flammable materials.

Simply put you need to give the device a general check over. If nothing seems out of the ordinary, it s fine to use.

What To Look For While Using The E Cig Device

After you ve fully checked out the device, you can start using it. Of course, checking it beforehand is good but you still need to be concerned about it while you use it. If you see that it s getting too hot when it s turned on, it s a sign that you have faulty lithium batteries and they should be replaced. Don t continue using the device until you get the new batteries. Overheated batteries will possibly explode. If it s leaking, discontinue use since it can irritate the skin and get into the mouth.

Don t overcharge your batteries. Once you re done with the device, take the battery out of the charger the moment it s done charging to ensure it lasts. Never allow the battery to stay in the charger for more than 10 hours.

Above All Else&#8230 Read The Manual

It s vitally important you read the manual that s included in the package. This manual will give you important information about your device as well as a how to guide with pictures on how to put it together.

The manual will also provide information on how you can stay safe including what to look for. If you need help, it ll include the company s name, phone number and address, should you need them.

Bear in mind that all electronic cigarette brands are not the same. So, if you decide one kind isn t good enough and purchase another brand, you ll need to read the manual from it as well. Always better safe than sorry!

Classic filter kings – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Inexpensive cigarettes from european countries – on-line shops7444280 – triumphall

  • Classic Full Flavour
  • Classic Regular
  • Classic Milds
  • Classic Ultramilds
  • Classic Menthol
  • Classic Riviera Whiff
  • Classic Taste Treasures
  • Classic Kafeato
  • Classic Menthol Rush
  • Classic Verve
  • Classic Citric Blast
  • Classic Orange Twist

Launch and promotion edit

Classic advertising began fairly quietly through the name and the line a contemporary classic . The brand was old world, Anglophile in its appeal and was marketed through the use of etchings from the Raj era, in keeping with the brand line. In the early years of its advertising this was fairly successful, since no one else owned that concept. However as time moved on and tastes changed, it became necessary to encourage more direct interaction between the consumer and the brand, with an eye to perpetuating the brand story in a more contemporary mould.

The new Classic advertising was the answer. Started in 1992, this showed polo visuals with the headline, Discover a passion.

Sponsorships, carefully chosen, covered the premium sports of racing and golf. These were targeted at the Westernised affluent smoker of the SEC A category. Music was a later addition beginning from 1996/97.

Classic Today edit

The brand s current positioning of Contemporary Style has been arrived at to make a statement about being in sync with modern trends. The horse imagery has been retained. The brand has also extended the music platform into modern forms of music like Lounge and Hip Hop.

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