marlboroPopular Marlboro cigarettes are varied worldwide, the types of which are different in content. Components are present in different amounts, and this fact affects the taste, the level of the fortress. Everyone chooses a separate type of cigarettes according to their characteristics, relying on their own preferences.

Marlboro cigarettes can be considered to be the cigarettes, which are well-known around the world. Brand products won their popularity and occupied a certain niche in the market of tobacco products as far back as 1924. Then and now the success and recognition from consumers was duly received by Phillip Morris.

Since the company’s development has been going on for a long time, it is easy to count over 50 Marlboro types. Around the world, a large volume of sales have such types: “Marlboro Gold”, “Medium”, “Silver”.

Initially, they were intended exclusively for the fair sex. On each cigarette the manufacturer specifically made a strip of red color. It had to disguise the red lipstick that remained when smoking. That was the way the company expressed concern for its customers.

The level of popularity of branded goods increased every day. The manufacturer did not skimp on the advertising campaign, which has always been very successful. To participate in the commercial was invited to the popular Hollywood star Mae West. In addition, the advertisement used an attractive slogan, which drew the attention of the yet spoiled public.

Over time, the marketing department was rebranded. Thanks to the implementation of such actions, the products were intended not only for the fair sex, but also for men. Cigarettes really became “masculine”. A well-chosen marketing move was helped, for which marketer L. Burnett was responsible. Within the framework of Tattooed Man’s advertising campaign, a cowboy was attracted, which was clearly remembered by a wide range of consumers.

Another key to success was the contribution, which greatly exaggerated the popularity of the brand. The company started to support motorsport. As a partner, the team was Ferrari. The original design of the packs was changed. The image on the package, the opening rules, has changed.

All varieties of Marlboro cigarettes are sold with a filter. As filler, there appears American Blend, produced from the freezed sort of tobacco. Sharp taste, thick saturated smoke and bright burning are characteristic signs of American brand cigarettes. This is a men’s cigarette with a history, the quality of which always remains on top!