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April 9, 2014

Anchored Title > Media Viewer”>Vaping and Coffee Mugs That Make Sense

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Vaping and Coffee. Two things that many can not live without. Now is your chance to own the vaping coffee cup that you will love.

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Kanger Stands for quality and many of their products have been so well received that many other companies have cloned their products.

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The Kayfun Lite Styled atomizer is fairly simple to use but knowledge of coil building is recommended. Also to use the Kayfun lite you should have some way to test resistance. Either it be from the e cigarette device you are using or from a multimeter.

Pleas do not attempt to use the Kayfun lite if you do not feel comfortable in your abilities to read resistance. The wrong resistance can cause harm to your e cigarette or may cause bodily harm.
Vape Safe!

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