All cigarettes stink, and all people who smoke stink like cigarettes. The smoke (and smell) get into your hair, the fibers of your clothes, your carpets, your blankets, your curtains. It stains your walls.

All people who smoke regularly also have discolored teeth. All people who smoke regularly get wrinkles and leathery skin. By their mid 30s, they all look old and worn out.

All people who smoke regulalry waste vast amounts of money that could be spent on fun things like holidays, pretty clothes, good food.

I’m not going to mention cancer, heart disease, and lung disease because those things just won’t happen to you.

So, why would you take up smoking? I know to be a rebel! But, if you take up smoking, it’s because someone else told you it’s cool, and you’re just being a mindless sheep by doing it. What’s cool is making your own decisions rather than following the crowd. Get a mind of your own.

N?1 ecigs ® launches brand new high-quality range of electronic cigarettes (16. januar 2014, 17:36 uhr)

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As the global demand for electronic cigarettes keeps increasing, a company spokesperson for N 1 eCIGS, says that the company is poised for great success. The estimated number of electronic cigarette users across the UK has grown substantially and is expected to top 2 million users by the end of 2014, with sales having already reached 1.3 billion. E cigarettes have also been backed as a safer alternative to tobacco by the medical community, including The Royal College of Physicians.

N 1 eCIGS pride themselves on providing a safe, quality, high end product that you can count on. They also offer a varied product range consisting of 3 main lines that are all competitively priced and manufactured to the highest level of standards, in strictly controlled environments. Moreover, N 1 eCIGS refill packs, that are the equivalent of 200 cigarettes, are a fraction of the cost of traditional methods and start at a mere 7.99.

The three main lines are

  • N 1 Mini Packs 13.99
  • N 1 Midi Packs 17.99
  • N 1 Ultra Packs 44.99

E cigarettes are battery operated, rechargeable devices. As the user sucks on the gadget, an element is activated which heats a replaceable cartridge filled with liquid containing nicotine, turning it into a vapour that can be inhaled. There is no tobacco and no smell, but visible vapour is exhaled. They contain 4000 less chemicals than an ordinary cigarette, including no tar.

The cost of savings using an electric cigarette to that of traditional smoking methods is truly astounding. The average electronic cigarette user saves about 75% over the course of the year, to that of buying traditional tobacco cigarettes.

If you feel it’s time to change, buy N 1 eCIGS today!


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