Rules and laws in Australia are aimed at reducing tobacco use. Here are some reasons why it is difficult to buy cigarettes in Australia: High taxes: Australia has some of the highest taxes on tobacco products in the world. This makes cigarettes expensive and financially burdens consumers. Strict sales regulations: In Australia, the government has imposed strict regulations on retail outlets selling cigarettes, such as a ban on open display of tobacco products, placing products behind a partition and at children’s eye level. Advertising ban: Advertising of tobacco products is banned in Australia. This means that manufacturers cannot promote their products on television, radio, or in print media.

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Large selection: online stores can offer a wide range of brands and types of tobacco. In some cases, a particular brand may not be available in local stores, but only in online stores. Simpler procedure: buying cigarettes from online stores is more convenient and easier. Customers can order cigarettes and have them delivered directly to their homes, which saves time and effort.

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