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The history of tobacco

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In 1776, during the American Revolutionary War, tobacco helped finance the revolution by serving as collateral for loans the Americans borrowed from France!

Over the years, more and more scientists begin to understand the chemicals in tobacco, as well as the dangerous health effects smoking produces.

In 1826, the pure form of nicotine is finally discovered. Soon after, scientists conclude that nicotine is a dangerous poison.

In 1836, New Englander Samuel Green stated that tobacco is an insecticide, a poison, and can kill a man.

In 1847, the famous Phillip Morris is established, selling hand rolled Turkish cigarettes. Soon after in 1849, J.E. Liggett and Brother is established in St. Louis, Mo. (The company that has settled out of the big lawsuits recently).

Cigarettes became popular around this time when soldiers brought it back to England from the Russian and Turkish soldiers.

Cigarettes in the U.S. were mainly made from scraps left over after the production of other tobacco products, especially chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco became quite popular at this time with the “cowboys” of the American west.

In 1875, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (better known for its Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil) was established to produce chewing tobacco.

It wasn’t until the 1900’s that the cigarette became the major tobacco product made and sold. Still, in 1901 3.5 billion cigarettes were sold, while 6 billion cigars were sold.

In 1902, the British Phillip Morris sets up a New York headquarters to market its cigarettes, including a now famous Marlboro brand.

Along with the popularity of cigarettes, however, was a small but growing anti tobacco campaign, with some states proposing a total ban on tobacco.

The demand for cigarettes grew however, and in 1913 R.J. Reynolds began to market a cigarette brand called Camel.