Following the merger of two companies British American Tobacco and Rothmans International in 1999, the sovereign cigarettes brand moved into the BAT portfolio. ‎ This only increased the popularity of sovereign cigarettes. Women all over the world wanted to try these exquisite cigarettes and found different ways to get them.‎

‎Indeed, sovereign cigarettes beckoned with an enchanting taste and subtlety of forms. BAT launched a new line of sovereign cigarettes called “Seasons”.‎

‎This line was released exclusively for the female gender. It is distinguished by pleasant tastes, and, first of all, the glamorous design of the package. In the advertising of this line, there was a slight dominance of women over men, which again attracted more and more women. Thus, buying sovereign cigarettes, women felt in some way freedom and independence from men.‎

Vogue Mini. It would seem that what else such a popular brand can surprise. And many “envious” people decided that the progressiveness of cigarettes, at least, will remain the same, if not at all. But a few years later, namely in 2005, British American Tobacco released a new line of sovereign cigarettes, namely Vogue Aroma. This again made a splash in the tobacco market. Over time, they grew almost into a separate line of the brand and began to differ in the peculiarity of the aroma, the unusually pleasant taste and aftertaste of the cigarette, which is important for women, because not everyone wants it to smell like strong men’s cigarettes.‎

‎A new unusual design with a light thread of flowing silk was specially invented, which reflected all the sophistication of Vogue. Thus, sovereign cigarettes of this line attracted an increasing number of ladies.‎

Our sovereign cigarettes are well known to tobacco consumers who purchase cigarettes online. They have a rich taste, which is noticeable from the first puff and leads to a deep aftertaste and pleasant aroma. In the manufacture of sovereign cigarettes, tobacco is carefully selected according to international standards. Only the highest class tobacco varieties are used.