It has been my extreme pleasure and privilege to serve as president of The Consumer Advocates for Smoke free Alternatives Association for the past 2 1/2 years. But the time has come for me to devote more time to family, so I must relinquish some of my CASAA responsibilities. That’s the bad news.

New CASAA President Julie Woessner The good news is that board member Julie Woessner has agreed to take over as president and was unanimously elected to that office. I gratefully pass on the torch to her. Also re elected were Kristin Noll Marsh as vice president, and Karen Carey as treasurer. Karen will continue to serve as secretary pro tem until a suitable candidate is found to take on that role.

In addition I was re elected to the board to serve another 2 year term. Ron Ward, Michael Cozzi and Carl Philips were also re elected for a second term as board member. The remaining members have another year left on their terms.

A few words about Julie Woessner. She has been a staunch activist for tobacco harm reduction since before CASAA even existed. She applied her knowledge of the law to keep consumers informed about the progression of the court case Smoking Everywhere and Soterra, Inc. d/b/a NJOY versus the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (See ). Her legal knowledge has also been invaluable for evaluating various proposed laws at the Federal, state, and local levels in terms of the potential effects on consumers if the measure were to be enacted.

Her testimony at the Illinois State Capital helped to prevent a ban on e cigarette sales back in 2010. As a CASAA director, she has spoken to the FDA and to the Office of Management and Budget regarding the potential effects of deeming e cigarettes to be tobacco products. In short, her writing, speaking, and organizational skills are excellent. I know she will do an excellent job of leading CASAA.


Elaine Keller
President from September 2011 to April 2014

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European union approves stricter tobacco rules

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