davidoff-slims-goldThe fans of tobacco products know how to enjoy the Davidoff cigarettes, initially originating from Switzerland and keeping the best traditions of the tobacco world.

The main types of cigarettes Davidoff are:


The products of Imperial Tobacco are distinguished as strong cigarettes. The cigarettes are packed into a stack, which is structured in a simple and elegant style. The connoisseurs of qualitative tobaccos appreciated the acerbic wit and rich flavor of the Gold cigarette category.

The product category “White” is a successful competitor of many robust types of cigarettes and grow in popularity. In the European countries and the United States, a great number of smokers prefers to acquire the light and ultra light tobacco products.

These products are highly demanded in the market.

Having assessed the situation, the company Imperial Tobacco has released thin and light cigarettes. Due to the soft taste and pretentious external view, these cigarettes quickly gained popularity among the wealthy women of numerous countries of the entire world.

The products of this manufacturer are available in any country of the world and do not need any special advertising campaigns.

These cigarettes have the universal recognition.

The explanation is that these cigarettes’ properties result in the labor and experience of the great tobacco professional, who tried to create a product, which is a dream of each true smoker.

70 years after the Davidoff cigarettes appeared in the market, they still have the same attractiveness and effects. The unique blend of the best tobacco sorts of Latin America, aroma and various scents are the key success factors for the preference of these cigarettes.

Exactly as many years ago, Davidoff is now still a synonym of luxury, refined taste, quality standard and an example to follow in the field of advertising.

The Davidoff is an exceptional product brand that was designed to be a pattern item in the tobacco industry. Long traditions of these cigarettes’ manufacturing have invaded their fame in the entire world! And it is still not the end, the product quality is constantly improved and advanced!