Let us represent you a smoking product that became the opener of King Size era and caused an incredible flutter in tobacco industry. This is Pall Mall smoking brand. Precisely Pall Mall was the first trademark that introduced a new cigarette design King Size which was 85 mm. None of tobacco manufacturers has provided the similar size before. That’s why this made a splash.

The founder of this new era was Butler & Butler Cigarette Company is famous not only by this innovation but also by introducing new standard for long cigarettes so called “Longs” or 100 mm cigarettes. So this tobacco company caused a double furor in the international tobacco market.

Today the owner of Pall Mall trademark is R.J. Reynolds, the biggest tobacco enterprise with well build reputation which honestly carries on Butler’s tradition and launches new smoking masterpieces. Pall Mall cigs obtained their triumph due to a special technology method of manufacturing a Pall Mall cigarette is tightly packed with tobacco what results in slow burning of it during smoking. So these discount cigarettes have a more smooth taste, they burn slower and the taste lasts longer. What else can a smoker wish? Pall Mall smoking item may be compared with a simple word mildness. That sums it up.

If you relate yourself to the category of smokers who value taste of fine mellow tobacco and exclusive aroma, then you should unreservedly try Pall Mall cig. For those capricious smokers who like variety of smoking cigarettes, Pall Mall offers a chance to try a real rainbow of its types. You will ask why rainbow. But how can be named the diversity of colors on Pall Mall luxurious packs?

Visiting our online discount tobacco store you will see by your own eyes the wide choice of this royal smoking tobacco and its affordable prices, which are peculiar only to our store.

Every flavor of Pall Mall has its own pack color that helps to pick up favorite one quite easily

  • Pall Mall Red (tar volume 12.0 mg nicotine volume 0.9 mg size 85 mm)
  • Pall Mall Blue (tar volume 8.0 mg nicotine volume 0.6 mg size 85 mm)
  • Pall Mall Amber (tar volume 4.0 mg nicotine volume 0.3 mg size 85 mm)
  • Pall Mall Ultimate Lights (tar volume 1.0 mg nicotine volume 0.1 mg size 85 mm)

There is also a slim version of Pall Mall brand

  • Pall Mall Amber Slims (tar volume 4.0 mg nicotine volume 0.4 mg size 100 mm)
  • Pall Mall Blue Slims (tar volume 7.0 mg nicotine volume 0.7 mg size 100 mm)
  • Pall Mall Aromatic Slims (tar volume 7.0 mg nicotine volume 0.7 mg size 100 mm)
  • Pall Mall Tropic Twist Slims (tar volume 4.0 mg nicotine volume 0.4 mg size 100 mm)

“Pall Mall Opener of King Size Era”

President cigarettes, cheap president cigarettes online.

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President Cigarette brand is known among many smoke lovers as a product that possesses best quality and a very attractive price. These cigarettes are considered both casual and luxurious.

The manufacturer of this magnificent brand is Papastratos, the leading producer and distributor of tobacco products in Greece, which in 2003 was acquired by the giant tobacco company Phillip MorrisInternational (PMI), which continued to produce President Cigarettes.

PMI is the creator of the world’s number one Marlboro brand and other seven of the best 15 international cigarette brands in the world. At present PMI cigarettes are available in more than 160 countries. The company does the best in order to make cigarettes which on one hand satisfy the demands of fastidious smokers and on the other offer a pleasant taste. Due to the use of new and advanced technologies, President discount cigarettes have a delicate flavor and tangy taste. As the company cares a lot about its loyal customers, it produces these smokes from the finest tobacco sorts picked from the best plantations and thoroughly selected by professionals in this field.

Full flavored taste, smooth and exquisite flavor characterize this smoking product. With every puff of President cigarettes you will be able to enjoy a tangy and fresh taste of premium quality cigarettes. The true connoisseurs of smoking products of the highest quality would not miss the opportunity to light up these cigarettes. President brand is popular both among young smokers and middle aged people who know how should be the real cigarette taste.

President An Esteemed Cigarette Brand!

President pack has a catchy design the red and blue colors symbolize energy, passion and loyalty. The image of an eagle at the top of the package is associated with strength and power that is why male smokers choose this brand in order to underline their masculinity.

At you may choose from the two varieties of President cigarettes President Special Stars and President Classic Stars. The main difference is the amount of their components. The Classic variant possesses 11 mg of tar and 0.7 mg of nicotine, a sharp taste that suits to experienced smokers and the Special style has 7mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine, assuring a more smooth taste.

Buy this esteemed cigarette brand and very soon you will get this unique in its characteristics smoking product.