newport-mentholNewport Cigarettes initially appeared commercially in 1957. Their homeland was a small town of Greensboro, located in North Carolina, USA.

The menthol taste became a distinctive feature of the newly made tobacco brand.

There exist in the world enough brands that are trying to reach a new market segment, producing a series of cigarettes with menthol flavor, but the creators of Newport cigarettes originally developed tobacco blend under the menthol additive, so the taste of cigarettes turned out to be balanced.

It is interesting that these days American Newport cigarettes occupied 35% of market share of menthol tobacco products, which emphasize their popularity and quality very impressively. However, it is possible to find this certain brand of cigarettes in the market with the traditional taste and aroma that can that only strengthens its competitive position.

Legendary American Newport cigarettes became a sign of progressive and people open to the world. Their fragrance is the smell of travels, adventures, discoveries, and of everything that is unknown.

The most qualitative tobacco grown on sun-drenched plantations under the guidance of experts is transformed into the American Newport cigarettes, which have impeccable taste.

Newport Cigarettes from one year to the next steadily keep their position in the US tobacco market.

Though these cigarettes are strong, but there is felt a soft feel while smoking. Excellent balance and menthol tobacco will definitely appeal to lovers of mint cigarettes. The pack has a king size standard.

It is possible to buy menthol cigarettes in the following variations:

Newport 100’s – these menthol cigarettes are full of flavor and are sold in soft pack;
Newport Gold cigarettes have a light taste;
Newport Kings Cigarettes – their full flavor menthol will not leave any lover of tobacco indifferent ;
Newport Non-Menthol Gold – light cigarettes without the taste of menthol;
Newport Non-Menthol Red Kings – cigarettes of full flavor without menthol.

It is important to remember that only specialized cigarettes hops sell truly original products.

Today, 50-year-old brand is considered to be one of the most expensive in the United States. In some areas of North America’s share of sales of the brand reaches 45-51% of the market of tobacco products.

Delicious Virginia and expressive mint flavor with a refreshing coolness – this cocktail of Newport cigarettes will leave none ignorant. These cigarettes are smoked by young and old, rich and poor. It is worth to emphasize that the greatest demand for the products is in Latin America!