lucky_strike_blue_en_nbLucky Strike cigarettes are one of the most popular brands of American cigarettes. Unlike many other brands, an evident part of the company’s products are imported into different markets.

It should be noted that it is also one of the oldest brands of tobacco products, which traced its history since 1871.

Even in 1905 the company was acquired by American Tobacco Company, and then and up till now it is in its composition. The only thing is that the company is now called British American Tobacco.

According to the data for 2007, which are released by the company, under this brand more than 23 billion pieces of cigarettes were produced during the year, which are sold in 80 different countries around the world.

By the way, at the beginning of its existence, the company produced just chewing tobacco, and then switched to the production of cigarettes. By the way, there is a quite interesting legend of the origin of this brand of cigarettes.

According to some reports, P.A. Patterson bought a small tobacco company, which was quite badly damaged during the fire.

In its turn, the fire occurred during a firefight or strike. Moreover, the new owner of decided not to throw a bit burnt tobacco, just to mix it to the usual tobacco leaves.

As the result there appeared an unusual new taste that many consumers like. Hence, there was born a very telling title as Lucky Strike cigarettes.

Even later, in 1917, the company became publicly disclosed in its advertising campaign that for drying of leaves tobacco is fried rather than simply dried in the sun, as did almost all manufacturers of cigarettes at that time.

Then this information was written even on packages of cigarettes. By about the middle of the last century, the company received a sponsor, and then the popularity of the brand only grew from year to year.

There was sufficient money to attract Hollywood actors to the advertising of their cigarettes. Until 1942 Lucky Strike cigarettes pack was dark green.

Then, the manufacturer made it white, at the same time starting to unwind the products among the female audience, which in those years also began to actively smoke. In some markets, all the usual red Lucky Strike disappeared from the shelves at all, and last year appeared in a new form and design.

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