The electronic cigarettes are not only healthier than the other types but they can also be recharged, refilled and reused. Aside from that, they are also much cheaper than the other cigarettes and thus friendly to your pocket. An electronic cigarette package contains an atomizer, a rechargeable battery, USB & wall charger, a travel plastic case, flavored cartridges of tobacco and also a manual.

How they work

The white tube in the starter kit contains an already charged lithium ion battery. Immediately the tip is inhaled, it automatically begins to light up and that indicates that it is working. To recharge the battery, the tip is simply unscrewed and the white cartridge inserted into the USB charger which is then inserted to the computer. It is advisable to recharge it for two hours before being used so as to get excellent results.
There is a large variety of electronic cigarette brands available in the market. Among the top brands in the market today include

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes

Customer reviews

The South Beach Smoke by admin,

5/4.8 stars

This brand is well known and has gained its popularity as the purest type that enables the user to enjoy an ultimate smoking experience. It is a brand that is automatic and easy to use since you don’t have to be switching it on and off every time. It is basically activated when you inhale and this saves the battery enabling it to last long. It is the finest brand available whose vapor is highly incredible.

It is the most affordable electronic cigarette and therefore the best way to quit smoking. It is of great help to individuals who may want to stop depending on the nicotine and does not want the negative side effects because of the withdrawal.

Nicocure electronic cigarettes


Customer reviews

The Nicocure brand by admin, 21.01.2013


This is the type that is more appealing to individuals in need of a smoking experience close to that of smoking the real cigarette. This is made possible during its manufacture whereby special technologies are applied when the flavor is being developed. The result will be the production of the finest vapor that is almost of no difference from that of the real cigarette. Although its tobacco flavor is quite simple, its taste is even much better than that of the real cigarette.

This brand has gained its popularity a lot in the market for it not only considers your health but it is also enjoyable. At the same time it is money saving because it is much cheaper than the real cigarette and can also be smoked anywhere even in the prohibited places.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes

Customer reviews

The Green Smoke brand by albag, 11.04.2013


This is one of the brands that has gained a lot of popularity among many consumers especially the US. This is because of its quality, the flavors it has and also its simplicity when using it. However its price is much higher and it could be because of its popularity and quality.

Its popularity has greatly been boosted by the fact that the consumer has a variety of rich flavors to which they can choose from. The three flavors that are available have the ability to always produce a fresh taste and they include mocha, vanilla and menthol. All that is required of the consumer is to simply select the flavor that fits their taste and start enjoying it.

Among the great features of this brand is its two piece design that makes it easy to use. Its battery is long lasting aside from having a vapor that is very rich in flavor. Despite its price being higher than the others, many people go for it because of its best quality.

Optima electronic cigarettes

Customer reviews

The Optima cig brand review by iolanda, 17.04.2013


This is the most recent brand that is still undergoing some refining process. It has been available for a very short time in the market however it is the most exquisite choice that provides a simple solution within a short time.

Their prices are also low and thus are affordable to many individuals. This is what is making it gain a lot of popularity for the e cigs fans especially those who have given it a try.


Relatively, the electronic cigarette brands are not expensive compared to the real cigarettes. They give an excellent taste and you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects on your health that the other cigarettes have. They can be smoked as much as you want with no worries of it burning away.

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