The Vogue cigarettes brand is the standard of women’s cigarettes, strongly associated with elegance, sophistication, tenderness and lightness. Premium Vogue cigarettes first hit the market back in 1932. Since then, having come a long way, they are still very much loved by the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity and have become a fashion accessory for modern elegant women of fashion.

Vogue cigarettes were initially positioned as ladies’ cigarettes. It is precisely this feature that determines the aroma of long thin cigarettes, the design of the pack and the strategy of promoting it on the market. Since its inception, Vogue immediately won the hearts of all women who have dreamed of standing out from the male mass of smokers for so long.

Against the background of strong male cigarettes with a tart tobacco taste in rough packs, ladies’ thin Vogue cigarettes, carefully packed in a fragile, elegant and elegant pack, could not fail to delight women. To be a woman in everything, to boldly emphasize your sophistication – that’s what Vogue cigarettes allowed beautiful ladies. And the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity appreciated this proposal. In 1987, Vogue Superslims Menthol and Vogue Superslims appeared in Germany.

If you decide to produce any products for women, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to release more and more new models of your products. Realizing this, the British American Tobacco company in 2007 released new cigarettes under the Vogue cigarettes brand – these are Blanche and Noire cigarettes. The former have the effect of coolness, while the latter, on the contrary, are able to warm. Before British American Tobacco, no one had yet realized such an idea, and therefore these ultra-light cigarettes fell in love with the beautiful half of our humanity.

In 2008, British American Tobacco launched the new Vogue cigarettes: Ephemere in packaging designed by French designer Jean-Pierre Ollier. Like all British American Tobacco products, the Vogue cigarettes brand has changed its design to a more modern style, but the quality of the tobacco and the taste effects of Vogue cigarettes remain unnamed.