A Philip Morris product, the Bond cigarettes, is a fine brand that is in high demand in more than 50 countries. It is believed that this brand was only introduced in 1902 when King Albert opened a tobacco shop on Old Bond Street and named it after the street’s name. The Bond cigarettes are considered to be middle class cigarettes. They are inexpensive and for this reason can be bought by members of all classes. The Bond cigarette is undoubtedly a big brand, a very high quality product and at the same time these cigarettes are very affordable.

These cigarettes are sold in a wide variety of designs, but on the whole they are suitable for those smokers who prefer high-quality and well-composed mixtures. They are neither too strong nor too mild. As already mentioned, they are put together correctly. They are great fun to smoke as they have a mild and delicate scent. Earlier Bond cigarettes were made for adult smokers. But a lot had changed in the 90s. In fact, the brand had changed or, to be quite right, should adapt to the needs of the much younger generations. This brand was advertised as the perfect cigarette for young people in particular.

These cigarettes are produced in Switzerland from imported tobacco, and therefore may differ from the domestic Bond blue.
Bond cigarettes are sold in blocks of 10 packs, each containing 20 cigarettes. They have a strong tobacco smell with practically no additional flavors.
Bond cigarettes were promoted as the required cigarettes for younger generation, which are light and are of the best quality.

In 2006, the producers added a premium version of brand called “Bond Street Special”. The new authentic product is presented in three different varieties and exactly: Mild (lights), the Rich (with the installed filter), and Fine (super lights). As it is wide-spread, light and super light cigarettes comprise a comparatively low volume of nicotine and tar. Thus, they are not so toxic for the body.

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