The royal name does not often appear on cigarette packs. Usually, that is a reminder of one famous event that had to happen some time ago. The royal name is a grant. It is owned by those who managed to do a great favor to crowned persons. That is a case of King Edward cigarettes.

Their history dates back to the end of the Victorian era. Her Majesty Queen Victoria was a smoking antagonist and prohibited it as far as possible. The entire period of her ruling was the time when the consumption of tobacco was extremely limited. The people who liked smoking were unhappy.

Things had changed after King Edward was crowned. After the ceremony, his famous phrase sounded: “Gentlemen, you can smoke”. An interesting fact. At that time, the smoking was habitual for men, but not for the ladies. Even the king could not change these things then. If he said “Ladies and Gentlemen”, the phrase would have a blast effect. Well, this is just a clarification of his words.

Words and matters are not always the same. The tobacco industry was in stagnation, tobacco items were scarcely available in large quantities.

To smoke, you should firstly have what to light. The need for tobacco items caused the appearance of new King Edward cigarettes. They were a preference of lords, clerks, sailors – the entire society, including His Majesty the King who granted them his royal name – King Edward cigarettes. The king smoked and promoted them himself. That contributed to their great success.

What are King Edward cigarettes?

King Edward cigarettes are filled with absolutely pure tobacco. This is their common feature although they have different sizes and diversified aromas. As a rule, these cigarettes are pretty soft. This feature makes them to a preference of those who want to buy cigarettes for the first time to start smoking. King Edward cigarettes do not contain any by-mixtures. Their stuffing is a natural tobacco leaf. You can safely smoke them without any filters as they do not have any chemical additives. These cigarettes are purchased to enjoy tobacco. Their smoking is not any special ritual – they are smoked to have a delight.